Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks

It’s that time of year again! The #Nsale is here! Before I share my favorites I just want to say, this is not the best sale of the year. There I said it. It’s not. You do not NEED these things. At the end of the day, it’s just stuff. With that said- I did go through the website and choose some of my favorites. These are brands I love and swear by. The unfortunate thing about this sale is a lot of items are similar or the same as previous years. The good news is that I own a few of them, and I can honestly say they are high quality and have withstood the wear and tear over the years. However if you’re shopping the sale for new styles, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

I am however happy with their tops selection this year. Very cute styles and basics, as well as their beauty department. I did find a few gems I thought were worth sharing.

The first department I looked at was the Athletic Department. I have an obsession with workout clothes lately, and I am especially excited about this red Alo Yoga set, and this yoga towel. I’m a big fan of Hot Yoga, and this towel sticks to the mat. Plus, it’ll look great with my new workout outfit. 😉


Other than that, I actually had a hard time finding anything I thought was worth sharing. Most I already own similar versions of.  If this is your first year to the sale, I can give my stamp of approval when it comes t0 quality. I assure you, these items will withstand the test of time.


Next, who else wasn’t able to find a ton of denim they liked this year? I was able to find 5 pairs, and one jean jacket I felt were worth the price. I do love these brands and the washes/styles are darling. I have this high waist ripped hem pair in my cart.

I will be updating and adding to this post periodically as the sale continues. Make sure to check back for restocks, new items I’ve found, etc. Happy Shopping!

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