Caymans Bedroom

I cannot believe it has taken me so long to finally share Caymans coastal boys bedroom with you. His room was so much fun to decorate because he was apart of it. He chose the main artwork, bedding, the desk decor, as well as the smaller prints throughout. I wanted his room to be bright and happy, because this corner of the house doesn’t receive a ton of light. When we lightened it up with the wallpaper, it made such a huge difference. Cayman chose the theme of his room, which was of course sports car themed. He is named after a sports car, and the Cayman Islands. That’s why I went with a coastal theme with sports cars throughout.

His reaction to it all once I was finished was amazing! He was so happy and jumping up and down seeing it all come together. He had never had his own room before, so this was a big deal to him. Man, I have seen a totally different side of him now that he has his own space. He takes such good care of his room, almost always makes his bed, and always puts his toys away before bedtime. I am so dang proud of him and the boy he is growing up to be.

One thing I really wanted for C’s room was a decent size desk. When we first started decorating his room and choosing furniture, it was at the beginning of the Pandemic. I didn’t know what the future would hold, but I had a feeling it would affect his ability to return to public school. So, we chose this desk from the Little Seeds Collection at Walmart. Its inexpensive, yet durable with great storage space. It fit his window nook area perfectly. I added a personalized weekly acrylic wall calendar from 1801andco (size is 29″ x 46″) so that he could know what the weeks schedule was, and a monthly Calendar to write down key dates. I also wanted some wall storage bins to hold his personal reader, flash cards, and writing journal. I found his at Homegoods, but linked some similar below. 🙂

For his dresser, I wanted a big mirror that met the aesthetic of the rest of the room. Something bold that could tie everything in together. I found this beauty at Homegoods, and instantly knew I had to have it. I also made sure to add the Konch Shell we bought in the Bahamas. Oh, the boys were so dang excited for their shells. Mixed with some sports memorabilia, and another print of his favorite sports car, and it all came together nicely.


I hope you loved Cayman’s room as much as I loved decorating it! Stay tuned for more room reveals coming soon!

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