Holiday Gift Guide for Boys and Toddler

I don’t know about you, but this year has done a number on me. Enough to make me want to put up our Christmas tree early, and start decorating for the holidays. Next up- A Holiday Gift Guide for Boys and Toddlers, because shopping is the next item on my to-do list. I don’t know what 2021 will bring, but I have a slight feeling it’ll end with more time at home then usual. So, along with their Christmas list- I’ve added some fun things to keep them busy while indoors. I’m talking the best board games, some outdoor toys for breaks outside, and even a three string guitar to learn a new skill. 😉

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Here are some of our must have’s for this year! My boys both asked for Hoverboards with the Go-Kart attachment. We also just found this Razor Hovertrax  on sale originally over $200!

My boys have also been getting into building robots. This is great for STEM learning, and a great way to kill time while indoors!

A few of our favorite tried and true favorites- 

This Interactive Globe. If you have a child who loves geography, this is the gift for you! This interactive globe allows them to play games, gives informations about different countries and regions. Allows them to compare population and size, and so much more. Beckham’s favorite thing to do is play the games. It’ll ask where different countries are and times him. He has so long to find the correct answer before the clock runs out. He has become quite the expert and could probably school me at this point.


Three String Electric Guitar– Cayman got this as a Christmas gift last year and has loved it. A three string guitar is a great way to learn a new skill , and transition to a five string once mastered. While being stuck indoors; it also serves as a way to take up time learning a new skill and not staring at a TV screen. It comes with flash cards to learn each note to progress with ease.

Kids fold up Play tent/tunnel– Cruze loves his play tent, and I love that it folds up compact when we are finished. It’s great when we have friends over and want to keep the toddlers busy and entertained. Once upon a time ours had colorful balls with it, but I got tired of cleaning them up and finding them all over the house, so we did away with that! Haha We still love it and highly recommend.

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