Gifts Guide for the Little Artist

With being indoors a lot more, I’ve tried my best to keep my boys entertained with lots of arts and crafts. It’s messy, its crazy, but most importantly its fun for them and much better than staring at a screen. My Beckham is especially into art lately. I often find him doodling on a notepad, or drawing ships on blank paper. So, as you can imagine; I am on the hunt for lots of art supplies for my little artist. So, without further ado- I present the Gift Guide for the Little Artist.

Super 3D art pen– I am excited to have my boys try this. My Cayman loves art and is always trying to find new ways to be more creative with his “masterpieces.” The reviews seem amazing, and the creations are limitless.

Professional Art Set-  I love that this set includes all different kinds of paint, sketch pads, etc.

Sticker Pads– We have a few of these, and love them. So much so that I will be getting more for them for Christmas. These are great for long road trips and so much fun for the kids.

Dab and Dot Markers- This is another item we have not personally tried, but have heard great things about. I love all of the designs and art they can make with these, and also a lot less mess!

Art Isle- I had this art isle when my older boys were younger. I love that it has a chalk board, dry erase board, and a roll of paper for painting.

Modeling Clay Kit-  I think my boys will love this modeling clay kit. It comes with several colors and tools to make all kinds of fun things!





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