Gift Guide for Her

Finding the perfect Gifts for Mom is always a little challenging. For me, the hardest part of shopping is shopping for my mom. She seems to always just buy whatever she wants, so when it comes to shopping it’s hard to know what would be a magical surprise and not something she already owns. So, I’ve out together this gift guide for the hardest women to buy for in your life, with some tried and true favorites as well as some items on my mothers wish list!


  1. Sly Beauty Makeup Bag– This was on my personal wishlist this year, and I forgot to add it to my post. So, here it is. This gift would make a great holiday gift for the women in your life. I have a few friends with them and have basically looked through every nook and cranny to see if they are worth the hype. There are tons of compartments, great for organizing makeup. It’s also great quality and cleans up nice.
  2. Apple Airpods- I’ve been going old school for a long time wearing headphones with the cords. Well- let’s just say ill never be going back. I love Airpods because they stay in my ears, the sound is amazing, and they keep me hands free with no cords in the way.
  3. Made by Mary disc necklace- I love my necklaces from Made by Mary so much. I’ve been wearing their jewelry for 5+ years now, and still swear by it. The quality is amazing, I love that they are subtle and dainty, and come in several styles and options. The best part? They are sentimental. Mine has the initials of each of my kids on them as well as my husbands initials. It a reminder to keep my loved ones close to my heart at all times.
  4. Olaplex Hair Fix Kit– I am crazy excited to restock my supply with this set. Olaplex is hands down the best shampoo and conditioner i’ve ever used. My hair is always left feeling soft and silky afterward, where others (even with high ratings0 always left my fine hair feeling dry and dull. This set is pure gold!
  5. MZ Wallace tote– I have been using MZ Wallace for a long time. I’ve used their totes, backpacks, you name it. They are stylish, comfortable, and practical. With tons of pockets and storage space, it makes it the perfect gift for a woman on the go!
  6. Heart collage print– I think this is the perfect gift for a family member. Put family pictures in your own personalized heart collage, have it framed, and it’ll be sure to make her smile!
  7. Chanel Perfume– Have you smelled this perfume yet? If you haven’t, you are missing it out! It is so beautiful!
  8. Jade Roller– I love my Jade roller because heaven knows I wake up nice and puffy some mornings. This reduces swelling and helps to even my skintone.
  9. Colleen Rothschild Skincare– I recently starting using Colleen Rothschild skincare a few months ago, and have liked what i’ve tried. I like their Age Renewal Super Serum because it is basically the holy grail of anti aging serums. I’ve tried many, and this seems to do the trick.
  10. Crazy Soft Throw Blanket– I love Barefoot Dreams blankets. They are unreal when it comes to how soft they are. My boys love them, and I can’t wait to get a new one for christmas. So, heres the original Barefoot Dreams infamous blanket, and a Barefoot Dreams dupe I found to be extremely comparable for half the price.
  11. Silk Pillow case– Having a silk pillowcase has helped my skin and hair tremendously. Regular cotton pillows absorb moisture, which made my skin dull and dry. Same went for my hair. Both have improved a ton since I made the switch.
  12. Charlotte Tillbury lipstick– You know i’ve loved pillow talk lipstick for years. It is my go-to, and I wear it probably every day. Well- there is a limited time lip set, and I am super excited about it! Not only does it come with the lipstick and liner (my two favorites) but also two lip glosses as well. Such a steal for the price!
  13. Voluspa Santal Vanille Candle– I remember years ago walking into a hotel with my husband, and thinking HOLY CRAP this place smells incredible! I asked them what candle they were using, and this was the brand. This particular scent is one of my new favorites. I’m telling you- your home will smell simply amazing!
  14. Faux Fur Slippers– Comfy cozy slippers are simply not something I go without in the winter months. They make my mornings bearable when it’s freezing out and I have to get the kids up for school. Who else hates cold feet?
  15. Comfy Robe– I don’t know about you, but I love a good robe. This particular robe has great reviews and I own it in pink. It’s like walking around in a soft blanket after a show. I love it.
  16. Facial Steamer– Facial Steamers are great for opening pores to really get that expensive skincare to penetrate the skin and do it’s work. It also works wonders on exfoliating.
  17. Ugg Boots– Okay- I feel like this one is a no brainer and completely self explanatory. 2020 is the year of comfort, and It’s looking like 2021 will be too. Ugg boots all the way over here! There is nothing more comfortable on my feet in my opinion.
  18. Dyson Airwrap– This is actually #1 on my personal Christmas Wishlist this year. I’ve borrowed my friends a few times and am in love with the results. If you’re wanting volume, shine, bouncy curls, and soft hair- this is your girl. Hands down worth the money!
  19.  Oval Makeup Brushes- I love these brushes because they make my makeup glide on perfectly smooth. With other makeup brushes id sometimes notice stokes where I blended the makeup, but never with these. Plus- the bristles absorb less product, which saves you money.

I also love TULA skincare for an everyday skincare routine. My skin always feels so clear, beautiful and bright since I stuck with this skincare routine every day. This is a great option for anyone with sensitive skin who wants to maintain a healthy glow with great and clean ingredients.

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