Homeschool and Quarantine Activities for Kids

Well that escalated quickly now didn’t it? Two weeks ago I was taking the kids out for spring break, going out to eat, and hitting up all the best spots in the Dallas area. Now we’re quarantined in the house for the unforeseeable future. So, Homeschool and Quarantine Activities for Kids has become apart of our daily schedule.

To any fellow moms out there, or gosh just any human being. WE GOT THIS! This is scary. I can’t even come up with anything other than that word. Scary.

The Dallas county judge Clay Jenkin’s gave a speech today addressing the new quarantine guidelines for Shelter-in-Place. This gave Dallas County strict orders to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary. Towards the end of the speech he talked about the rise in child abuse cases since the quarantine. This absolutely broke my heart. Mama’s this is so hard, but WE CAN DO THIS!! There should be no reason that we as parents should ever feel so frustrated to the point of hurting our children. We are here to support each other and lend a helping hand. Whether thats asking someone to come take your kid for a few hours, taking a walk, or simply calling a friend to talk to. WE GOT THIS!!!

A few of my friends and I were comparing our children’s school required curriculum and some were just outrageous! 7:45- 3:30 days with hour by hour lessons. Listen, I get it. I have mad respect for teachers, but this is TOO MUCH! Too much for these kids who are already scared of the situation we are in. Whether you decide to talk to them about this or not, they can see it on our faces. Too much for any parent with multiple children, or with children in different grades and multiple schools, too much for the mom who still has to work remotely from home full time. JUST TOO MUCH!!! This time should be a time to connect with our kids, to play games and read books. To take bike rides and make crafts. When parents are stressed, and kids are too, that a recipe for disaster! Please, if you are feeling at your whits end, reach out to someone. Ask for help. WE GOT THIS!!!

With that said, I wanted to share a few resources I found helpful in making this Homeschooling thing easy and stress free. Starting tomorrow our schedule will be a bit different since we will be following a curriculum put in place by the boys teachers,  but this is what we’ve done for the past two weeks.

8:00 am Epic Kids reading or Raz KidsWe’ve loved Epic because it’s a great resource to find books that are appropriate to their reading level and interests. Beckham could honestly spend all day on this website because he could type in whatever he wanted to read about, and have an endless amount of books at his reading level, right at his fingertips! For beginner readers, we’ve loved that this website can read the book out loud for you, and then offer your child the opportunity to read it themselves.

I have Cayman and Beckham rotate during this hour. While Cayman reads, Beckham writes me a story and makes a craft about the story. We use play-dough, washable paint, or just plain old crayons. This has been fun for them because they both enjoy art, and it makes it more exciting to write about what they made. Simply trying to get them to write was a little stressful on all of us (they hate writing) so this is what works best for us. We try to make this as stress free as possible, so I let them write their stories without any interference or correcting. Afterwards I go through and correct it, and we talk about grammar and spelling. Trying to make it as positive as possible has been key for us.

9:00 amProdigy Math My boys have loved Prodigy because they are able to play games while reviewing math skills. Every time they move up a level they are ecstatic!

The boys rotate this hour as well. While one works on Prodigy, the other works on a math worksheet with me. This gives them much needed one on one time with them to help learn new math concepts. For the most part I try to let them do as much as they can by themselves, and offer help if needed.

10:00 am- Academics This is a Gen Ed website that is great for kids grade 1-8. It has fun games for subjects from counting, shapes, multiplication, spelling, and even geography.

For this part of the day I let them play different games according to whatever subject they like. While Beckham tends to gravitate toward geography, Cayman loves to play Subject verb agreement.

11:00 Science or Art– Because we do a craft every day along with writing, we try to switch between a craft or a science experiment. For science we usually try and do some fun cause and effect experiments, I’ve also found some amazing kits on Amazon. All with incredible reviews.

12:00- Hour Break for Lunch and “recess”

1:00- Gym I’ve found lots and lots of exercise with my boys to be a huge stress reliever. Not only does it get their wiggles out and bodies moving, but it helps me cope with the stress of this new “normal” life we are living. Here are a few easy workouts with kids ideas I’ve found on Pinterest.

To keep things simple and easy, I only use resistance bands and weights to get an awesome workout! If you’re looking for an amazing at-home workout plan, id highly suggest Anita Herberts Fit Queen program. I’ve seen some amazing results with her!

That’s it! Of course I allow breaks, so this time is not always completely accurate. Some days we don’t end until 3, but as long as a majority of their day was spent learning; I wont complain.

I hope you are all hanging in there and doing your best to just relax and enjoy your family. If you would like any more resources or have questions, please let me know.

If you’re looking for some fun games and actives to do with kids while in quarantine, i’ve linked these tried and true favorites below. 🙂





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