Gift Guide for Toddlers

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We are now days away from Christmas, and if you are like me and still have a few presents to give- this might be for you! Todays gift guide is all things TODDLER! I know from experience, toddlers can be hard to buy for. Too small for a lot of toys, but too big for the baby toes. So what do you get them? I’ve compiled a Gift Guide for Toddlers you are sure to love, because they are all tried and true favorites from a toddler himself.

  1. Doughsie Dough– There’s a reason this is #1 on my list! My boys LOVE doughsie dough because they have tons of fun toys they can use to decorate and play make believe with while creating their masterpiece. Cruze could honestly play with it all day every day and be totally happy.
  2. Craft Isle– My boys have always loved arts and crafts, so having an isle set up with washable paints or crayons, chalk, etc was always so exciting for them. Plus, it made things easier and less messy for me.
  3. Chunkies- Another item for crafts. My boys love these chunky paint sticks because they are easy to use, and I love that they are seemingly mess free.
  4. Monkey String- I have not personally tried these with my boys, but felt they were worth sharing; simply because so many have raved about them. Plus, did you notice the amazon reviews? I can’t wait for my boys to craft with these!
  5. Wooden Race Track– Okay, what toddler doesn’t like a race track? I like this one in particular because it is basically damage proof compared to most plastic tracks I’ve found.
  6. Fishin Bath Toy– Cruze plays with this bath toy every single day, and never seems to get bored of it. Id say, that’s a great gift!
  7. Drawing Tablet– While in Florida, we were always traveling somewhere. Whether to the beach, or to Disney; my boys LOVED these drawing tablets!
  8. Mini Drone– Okay, you may be thinking I messed up here and that this should not be given to a toddler BUT you may be wrong. My oldest got this toy as a birthday gift, and it quickly became Cruze’s favorite toy of all kind. It’s surprisingly easy for him to play with. All you do is throw it in the air, and it zooms around detecting objects to avoid, and lands on it owns. So fun!
  9. Wiggle Car– We’ve had these for all three of our boys, and Cruze has happily claimed it as the youngest. I love these because they can easily maneuver it, and have a blast pushing off and getting speed.
  10. Kids Grocery Cart- Cruze loves playing house. So when I saw this last year, I had to get it. He fills it with fake foods and stocks, empties, and restocks his kitchen. It’s the cutest thing!
  11. Toddler Kitchen- Carrying on from above. This kitchen had gotten some good use this year. There was about a 2 or 3 month stretch where he seemed uninterested, so I changed its location in the house and BOOM! Loves it again! You can get fake food, pots, pans, dinnerware, you name it! He has a blast playing house with his kitchen.
  12. Magnetic Tiles– This is a great gift for not only toddlers, but bigger kids as well. All three of my boys love them. They can connect and create so many different things, so it keeps them entertained for hours. Id much rather them play with something like this that fosters creativity, than glued to a TV. Am I right?
  13. Balance Bike– This is on our list for Cruze this year. We have not personally tried it for him, but after chatting with friends and reading the reviews- we are most definitely grabbing this for him. It’s great to teach balance, but low enough for safety reasons. He’ll feel like a big boy with his new bike for Christmas!
  14. Tunnel Tent– We bought this for Cruze last year, and it is still a huge hit. We even bring it out when companies over and all of the toddlers play it in the entire night. Plus it folds up super compact and quick. We love it!
  15. Wooden Play Food– We bought this to go with Cruze’s kitchen last year. The quality is great, and still look brand new a year later.
  16. Toddler pots and pans– We also bought this to go along with our kitchen. Again, great quality.
  17. Wooden Cashier- This is another on our list this year. We took Cruze to the discovery museum a few times this summer, and he always wanted to stay at the cashier to play with the fake money and press the buttons. So, we thought this would be a great idea this year! Now he can use his grocery cart, and check himself out! haha
  18. Thomas the Train Set- Last but not least, a Thomas the Train set. All three of my boys have loved Thomas the Train, and Cruze is just getting into it. I think having his very own train set will be a huge hit this year

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