Harry Potter Birthday Party

Yay! It’s finally time to share the details from Beckham’s Harry Potter Birthday Party! This party was by far one of my favorites to plan! Beckham is my “go with the flow” child, and let me have full control over everything. So, being the HP nerd I am; I went all out!

First things first- I started with a base Harry Potter party set and added decorations to go with that. This set is such a good price and comes with A LOT! The banner looks so intricate,  and pairs perfectly with the rest of the decor. I was very impressed.

Another fun addition to the party was the Platform 9 3/4 backdrop we placed on our front door. I think it was adorable for families who wanted to take pictures as they entered the party, but also because it really set the tone for the magic of the party. The moment you walked in it was like going into another world. We had candles all over the house, and Harry Potter songs playing. It was amazing!

Now for the second room. We really wanted each room to represent something from the movie, and I think Beckham’s is most definitely anything having to do with the infamous Hogwarts Express Train. My train loving boy was in heaven when he walked downstairs to see that our dining room table had been turned into the Hogwarts Express. I added floating HP letters with his name addressed on each, as well as floating candles just like the feast in the first movie. If you would like info on the printable I used, please follow me on Kiss Me Darling Pinterest. I have an entire board saved where I found all of my free Harry Potter printable’s for the party. 🙂

Another fun element we added to the party was this bar cart aka “Trolley!” The infamous candy trolley from the first movies was one of Beckham’s favorite scenes. I think every kid who’s ever watched the first Harry Potter were probably wishing they were Harry Potters best friend in that moment. Imagine all the candy you could possibly imagine, and of course the chocolate frogs! I found some fun every color jelly beans, and made our own chocolate frogs at home. You can find the mold I used HERE.

Now the best part- THE FOOD!!! I wanted the food to look like a giant feast, just like the movie! We had everything from chicken legs, corn on the cob, rolls, witch hat rolled hot dogs, empanadas, and tons and tons of sugary treats! It was a feast fit for kids! We even drank Butterbeer with homemade butterscotch syrup! You can find the recipe here.

We played several games around the house, including pin the scar on Harry Potter, Quittach, and Wand practice. After wand practice they would battle, and it was seriously the cutest thing ever! You can find this wand practice free printable here.

We had such a blast with our friends and especially Beckham who was in pure heaven!


I hope this post is useful to anyone who might be thinking about planning a Harry Potter Birthday party. It really is such a fun one to plan, because there are so many option for food, game, and decor. Happy Planning!



  1. Paola
    November 8, 2019 / 6:13 am

    This was seriously the best party! Wow this pictures are gorgeous but in person, jaw dropping!!!!! Every detail was so carefully planned! Best Harry Potter Party ever!!!!

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