Beauty and the Beast Family Halloween Costumes

This years Halloween costume started with the idea to do an entire theme with a few of my friends.  So, our Beauty and the Beast Family Halloween Costumes were planned months in advance. We were supposed to have Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle, Pocahontas, and even Esmerelda. The Disney princesses take Halloween! BUT hand foot and mouth hit around the week of Halloween, so things fell through and it didn’t really work out the way we’d hoped. Fortunately, no one in our family fell sick so we were able to venture out and show off our costumes.  Cayman and Beckham were such good sports. They were excited to wear their costumes as a family, and took such pride in being Lumiere and Cogsworth. I will mention though, they both got to choose their own costumes for school events and trick or treating. I seriously love this holiday!

Originally Skyler (my husband) was supposed to be The Beast, BUT I stumbled upon this toddler Beast costume and it was game over! Sorry hun, you’re Gaston now! I mean, could you die over his little outfit? Doesn’t get much cuter than that!

Now the trickiest part was making Cayman and Beckham’s costumes. You see, the Lumiere and Cogsworth costumes you find online are crazy expensive! Especially for something they will likely only wear once. I didn’t feel it was worth it. SO I got creative. For Lumiere all I did was order a gold bow tie and suspender set, and a white button up shirt. Then, I used white poster board to make his hat, and hand candles. I found some flame colored tulle from the craft store, and got to work! It was super easy, and in my biased opinion-very cute!

The Cogsworth costume was definitely the trickiest. I don’t know how to sew well, so I knew it had to be as simple as possible. We first bought him all all brown sweat suit outfit, and then headed to the craft store and grabbed different colors of felt to match the Cogsworth from the movie. I measured and drew out the shapes like the clock, and did the same for his hat. Then, I used hot glue to attach the different pieces on. It held up very nicely.

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    November 6, 2019 / 8:38 pm

    So cute and very well done!

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