Summer Pool Day with Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Today I am excited to be working with Disney Book Group to share our experience with the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Summer Reading Program!

Can you believe back to school has arrived? We still have one month of summer with our kids, but my goodness I have so many friends whose kids started school this week! It’s crazy! As you all know, at the beginning of the summer I challenged my boys to finish the entire  5-book Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan before they go back to school. We are now on the 3rd book of the series- The Titans Curse. They have loved reading about all the characters and their adventures, and it’s safe to say we are now fully invested. I for one cannot wait to see how it ends!

To celebrate starting book #3, we decided a trip to the pool (in true Percy style, of course, since he’s the son of Poseidon, god of the sea) was much needed! The boys put on their best Percy Jackson impressions, and loved splashing around with their own water sword! I love watching their cute little personalities come out as they talk about the book and imagine they are their favorite characters. That is what I love about these books so much- it really inspires a love for reading in such a positive way!

So far Cayman’s favorite book is #1-The Lightning Thief, because when Percy learned he was demigod- well, that’s pretty darn cool he says. Beckham tends to go back and forth, but ultimately chose Book 2- The Sea of Monsters. He is absolutely fascinated with the storyline and wants to capture his own Golden Fleece! In that book, the gang learns that the magical tree on Half-Blood Hill, which protects Camp Half-Blood’s borders from monsters, has been poisoned. So, they must retrieve the fleece from the island of the Cyclopes before the end of summer, or Camp Half-Blood could disappear. While the boys have different favorite books, they both agree their favorite character is, of course, Percy! They want to be just like him!

Because they are always talking about the books, they’ve inspired their friends to start reading the series as well! I heard them at the park just a couple days ago where Cayman was playing Tyson and Beckham was Percy, which was very fitting considering they are brothers after all.

All the other kids are the monsters, although I’m pretty sure they don’t know it. When my boys get their imaginations going, not much can stop them!

As I’ve said before- If you are a fellow mom who would love to help give her kids a love for reading, I would highly suggest this book series. As a mom of one child with cerebral palsy, and another with ADHD, I so appreciate that these books also teach that disabilities can also represent great strengths. With hard work, they can do great things! I hope you all have had a great summer and are not too stressed with Back to School! Here’s to one great summer and lots of love for reading!



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