My Nursing Must Haves with Walmart

Did you know that August is National Breast Feeding month? Well, either did I until recently. Nursing Cruze was one of the best things I chose to do. The bond it created for us was incredible, and I was lucky enough to be able to do it for two years. My older boys were born so early that nursing exclusively was impossible. So, with Cruze I was adamant about breast feeding. That is why I was so thrilled when Walmart asked me to collaborate with them to share my nursing must haves. I  feel like I have a lot to share on this subject, especially after my third baby. I’m going to share my tried and true favorites, and why I think they are the best. So, to any of you future (or already) nursing mamas, this is for you!

Breast Pump– When nursing (especially a NICU baby) pumping is always a must. Plus, during those first few month when he wasn’t eating much, I was able to build a huge supply. I love this particular Medela breast pump because it allows me to be hands-free while I walk around and help the other kids. I would also sometimes pump while on the way to the NICU. I would just use my special Pumping Bra, put a nursing cover over myself, and head on over. Fresh milk the second I arrived at the Hospital! Plus-the power on this thing is great for such a small compact pump. Perfect for any mamas who are always on to go!

Nursing Bra-A comfy bra is very important while nursing. I remember those first few weeks feeling like my breasts might burst! So, I loved these super soft wire free nursing bras. The easily unsnapped with one hand so I could nurse my babies, and then snapped back in place. No taking off my bra, no changing clothes, just super simple easy access for my little guy!

Nursing Friendly Clothes- Speaking of easy access- a nursing friendly bra can only go so far if you’re not wearing the appropriate clothes. I loved finding clothes that were nursing friendly, and actually purchased a similar nursing friendly dress in a few colors.

Breast Pump cleaning– I feel that this is pretty much self explanatory, but keeping my pumping supplies clean and germ free was a must. I loved these super easy sterilizing bags because I could bring them anywhere with me as long as they had a Microwave. Pop them in a ta-dah! Sterilized pumping supplies!

Baby Bottles– Now, I didn’t need to use bottles much with our last because he was exclusively breast fed, but once a week I got a break and my husband would take over feedings. The ONLY bottle my boys will ever take has always been Dr Browns. I personally love that their special design helps fight against air bubbles and gas, which for me was huge since all three of them suffered acid reflux.

Lanolin– I remember before having our first, I had a friend recommend Lanolin, “for the girls.” I was so confused when she said this, but it all made sense once we had Cayman. Those first few weeks of nursing are rough, and “my girls” definitely needed some TLC after each feeding.

Glider or Rocking Chair– Having a good glider when nursing is very important and something you should be very picky with. Remember that as a nursing mom this is where you will likely spend most of your day. Especially during those first few weeks. I love our Babyletto Taco Glider because it swivels, glides, and is oh so soft and comfy! Plus- I love the sleek design.

Nursing Pillow– There are a ton of nursing pill0ws out there, and I have tried a few. My favorite of them all is this NuAngel Trinity because the incline it provides help fight against reflux. Like I said before, this has always been an issue for my boys, so this pillow has been the best!


I hope this post helps any moms who are looking to nurse! Happy National Breast Feeding Month!


Thank you Walmart for sponsoring todays post. As always, all opinions are my own!





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