Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Public Access!

It’s here!!! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here for the public, and I’ve got a guide full of my favorite items from the sale that are still in stock! Did you miss your favorite item? Make sure to check back here for updates on in stock items. I will also be sharing my try ons of items still in stock on my instagram stories throughout the day!

A few of the items I own and have loved from the sale is this BP cardigan, Charlotte Tilbury lip set, the Adidas hoodie, Nuface white trinity, and snake skin mules.

Why I think these items are worth your money.

  1. BP Cardigan. I stock up on these cardigans every year because they are great quality and can be worn again and again. I have a few I purchased from four years ago that I still wear every year.
  2. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Set– I’ve been wearing this lip set for years and love it! It’s the perfect nude color with a slight touch of rose pink. Wears perfectly with basically any clothing items I own. It’s my go-to.
  3. Adidas Hoodie– I purchased this beauty full price a few months ago. It is not only darling, but can easily be thrown over top of your favorite workout outfit or lounge wear. I’ve never seen this on sale before, so I would highly recommend taking advantage of this offer.
  4. Nuface white Trinity– If you care about having beautiful youthful skin, I would highly suggest this or the GloPro microneedling kit. Both help keep your skin tight and fights against wrinkles, improves skin tone, and promote collagen growth.
  5. Snake Skin Mules- I knew I had to have these mules the second I saw them at the sale. They are very on trend, super comfortable, and the color is basically perfect for every fall color out there. Plus, the price is not too shabby either.

Other items in stock I also love (and some I purchased myself)

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Happy Shopping!!!

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