Spring Home Refresh with Arhaus


Every year I love to do a little spring refresh around the house. I switch out pillows, maybe drapes, or buy a few things to brighten up the place. Since we moved into our new home about a year ago, I’ve been wanting to change out our light fixture above our window seat. The one previously there just didn’t seem to go with the aesthetic of the rest of the house, but every replacement I looked at wasn’t appealing to me for some reason . Thanks to Arhaus, I was able to find a pendant light that I instantly fell in love with. This light fixture is one of the first things you see when you first walk in the house. I love that it shines so beautifully when the light hits it, and the sparkle at night when the lights are turned on. It is absolutely beautiful!

Another area we refreshed was our dining room. I added these gorgeous blush pink dinner plates with pearl trim, and scalloped white plates to layer. The different shapes and textures give the table beautiful dimension and character.

Do you like to give your home a spring home refresh before summer hits? Leave me a comment below and share your current home projects!


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