Mom Hack Monday-My Favorite Swimwear for Kids

Swimsuits above are all from Kortni Jeane Swim

Now that i’ve got an (almost) 8 year old, I think I can honestly give you some good insights on some of the best swimwear for kids. With spring break coming up, I’ve been on the hunt for the best family friendly spots, as well as the best (and cutest) swimsuits around.

Swimsuits above are Raising Wild (me) and Swimzip

1.SwimZip– When it comes to practicality, I’ve always loved SwimZip. Especially their baby line of swimsuits. Being able to put Cruze in a swimsuit that zips all the way up is unreal when changing diapers. Life changing even. I’ve been ordering new swimsuits for my boys from them every single year since I started my blog. The designs are darling, and I honestly feel my boys don’t get near as much sun with their amazing quality swim suits on. I really do love them.

2. Kortni Jeane– I have to keep Kortni Jeane way up on their list because #1, I’ve worn them forever and think their designs are darling. #2 Their boy swim trunks are just as cute as the girls swimsuits! That literally never happens! I am in love with their designs, and my boys love them too. The only downside is they don’t come with rash guards.

3. Raising Wild– I love Raising Wild because like Kortni Jeane, you can match with your kiddos. It’s hard for me to find cute mommy and me clothes for boys, so this is super exciting for me! The only downside is again, no rash guard. The colors are darling and great quality fabric.

4. Target- Good ole Target! I love Target because their prices are always fantastic, the options are endless, and the price is always low. I will say you will not find as great of quality as the shops above, but if you’re buying multiples; it’s a good option. I am especially loving their toddler boy section right now. I mean, can you even handle his cuteness?

5. Zara -I must say, I was pleasantly surprised that Zara had so many cute swim options for boys. I’ve never thought to look there for swim trunks, but I was pleasantly surprised by the selection. The price points weren’t too bad either! I was also able to find boys somewhat coordinating colors and designs. I wish I would have gotten a better photo, but alas- Cruze will not stay still for the camera. Sigh…

Here is a list of my favorite swim shops for kids, as well as a few of my personal favorites from baby- kids. Happy shopping! 🙂

Swim Zip

Kortni Jeane

Raising Wild



Cotton On


Harry and Pop 

Pearl Street Swim


Old Navy

Olivia and Ocean This is for mommy’s of little girls. Had to include <3

Minnow Swim 


Cope and Hawk

Seaesta Surf 

Imagine Perry Co.


Baby Girl

Baby Boy

Toddler Girl

Toddler Boy

Little Girls

Little Boys



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  1. Paola
    March 13, 2019 / 10:22 pm

    Super cute!!!! Zara has surprisingly very cute pants for kids too. Your pictures (perfection) with all the definition of the world. You guys are the cutest family! I was glued to your intagram and your blog when you went on the cruise. I couldn’t wait to see what you were wearing and love all of your inta stories!!! Love love love your blog! You are amazing 💕

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