Personalized Classroom Valentines Cards

I am so excited to be working with Minted to share some of the cutest Valentines Cards for kids! Last year when we were looking through the boys Valentines cards with the kids, I kept thinking, “Geez these families really take their Valentines cards seriously!” The cutest little personalized cards with matching stamps. I of course just bought some simple cards from the grocery store, and attached a little goody bag. Here I am thinking I went above and beyond. Hah! To me, all that really mattered though was that the boys felt special, and had fun passing out their cards. Are they really going to remember what their cards looked like a year from now? Probably not! Oh boy was I wrong!

This year Cayman and Beckham were very specific about what they wanted on their Valentines Cards! Beckham said he wanted spaceships and dinosaurs, Cayman wanted Monster Trucks and guitars. Let me tell you, it is NOT easy finding such specific cards. I ended up getting them some Super Hero cards and told them, “you get what you get, and you don’t get upset!” About a week later I got an email from Minted asking if id like to participate in their Valentines Campaign. I looked at their classroom Valentines Cards and couldn’t believe it!!! They have guitar Valentines Day cards that matched identically to Caymans new electric guitar he received for Valentines day! What are the odds? Then I found the cutest Dinosaur, Monster Truck, and Spaceship cards that ever existed. Needless to say, I was blown away at the variety and cuteness of these adorable personalized Valentines Cards.

I decided to put a cute picture of the boys on their cards, because why not? It didn’t even cost extra! Say whaaa? So basically, this Valentines day I get to be a cool mom! They were jumping up and down and screaming (no joke) when they saw their Valentines Day cards. Now thats what I call a mom WIN!

If you are looking for some super adorable Valentines Cards for your littles this year, make sure to check out Minted! You will die over the cuteness of their cards, as well as their specialized artwork! Speaking of artwork, I chose to get my husband this large framed print of the exact coordinates to where we were married. He honestly thought it was so cool, and is excited to put it in his office. I think it is the perfect gift for a husband, friend, or even a parent.

I love that it is a simple design, to go with all different kinds of home decor and room selections. This could also be a great gift for kids rooms with the exact location of where they were born, or for a boyfriend/girlfriend of where they first met. The sentiment behind is just too cute.

I hope you all loved todays post! I think you’ll find that Minted offers some of the best and most meaningful gifts this Valentines Day! Make sure to check them out!

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