Valentines Day for Kids

Valentines Day for kids is always a special time in our house, because as a mom of three boys; I want to continually teach them how to treat a woman. So, I’ve put together this post to share how we make this season extra special.

  1. Flower Delivery– Every year I usually have them dress in their most dapper outfits, and we deliver cards and roses to all of the girls in the neighborhood. Last year they made sure to deliver one to our neighbor across the street Gayle who is an older lady. It was the cutest thing watching my little gentlemen deliver roses!

I think this is such a great idea if you are a mom of boys. A great way to teach them about kindness, and to teach them young how to be a gentlemen. Here are some of my favorite outfits right now.

I want Valentines to be an exciting day for them to not only celebrate love for friends, but mostly for family. As they get older and start dating (oh heaven help me when that day comes) I also want them to respect women and treat them with kindness and equality.

2. Decor- In order to make this an exciting time for them, we always pull out the Valentines Day decorations together. I steam lights over their bed, and hang banners and decor around the house. We usually bake Valentines cookies, make handmade cards, buy some Valentines themed pajamas, and deliver treats to our neighbors.  It is so cute watching them enjoy such a simple holiday, that means so much to me.

 3. Dinner– Usually the day before, or at least the week of; we have a big Valentines family dinner with the boys. Usually heart shaped pizza, heart shaped veggies, and red juice of some sort. I decorate the table with hearts galore, and just enjoy a night in with my sweet boys. It’s like our little date with them since they stay home the night of Valentines Day so my husband and I can go out.

4. Treats- I think making Valentines treats is a given when making the month of love special for your littles. I did a post last year with some easy ideas that are perfect for little kids here.

5. Heart Attack Neighbors– We’ve done this a few times for people at our church. We cut out paper hearts in all sorts of colors, and on each one we write something we love about them. Then, we sneak over to their house at night and tape all of the hearts over their front door. It’s a great way to brighten someones day, and also get a few giggles in while trying to be quiet as possible.

6. Valentines Pajamas– This goes without saying. Valentines Pajamas are just a must. 😉

7. Pancakes- Another tradition we do every year is make Valentines Pancakes. Last year the boys were so excited for their breakfast that morning. I just baked regular pancakes and used cookie cutters to cut out shapes. So easy, but make their day.

8. Throw a Party– This will be a first for us this year, but we plan on throwing our own Valentines Day party this year. We are going to bake cookies with the kids, play games, and make pizzas together. This year I am also the Room Mom for my sons class. I am currently planning his V-day party, so make sure to follow me on Pinterest if you’d like some fun ideas!

9. Valentines Cards– We love filling out Valentines cards together as well as putting together goodies bags for their class. This year we chose to use Minted because I thought their designs were just too adorable and unique to pass up. It is going to be a sad day at our house when we can no longer send them into school with the excitement of giving something special to all of their friends. Goodie bags are the best! Target has some super cute options right now, as well at the Dollar Store. BUT if you more than one kid with big classes, buying in bulk might be a great idea!

10. Shop for significant other– I have to admit- being the only female in the house around Valentines Day has its perks. Lots of chocolates and flowers, adorable cards, and extra snuggles. What more could a mom want? BUT I think it’s very important to show my boys that it is also important for the woman in the relationship to show love as well. We all show it in one way or another, but one of my love languages is gifts. So, they help me pick out the very perfect gift for my husband every year. Sometimes it’s a pair of funny socks I put in with his gift, but this year we chose this. When I explained that this print shows the exact coordinates to the SLC temple, where Daddy and I were married; they were all in. They thought that was the coolest thing. Especially Beckham. He is very much into cardinal direction lately.

I hope you all loved this Love Day post as much as I enjoyed writing it! I hope you all enjoy the month of LOVE!







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