My Goals for the New Year

Oh man! Hello 2019! Holy cow, what a year 2018 was! Lots of changes, tons of unforgettable memories, and I’m excited to ring in the New Year! I think pretty much everyone has a list of goals they’d like to accomplish this year, and I thought it would be fun to share mine. Why? Because when I read about other peoples goals for the new year it made me motivated as well. Maybe I can inspire one of you. In fact, I have been talking about eating healthier and working out for over a year now. It just seemed like I always had an excuse, until I read a blog post about another bloggers New Years Resolutions; and I felt inspired. She gave a quote that really stuck with me that basically said, “Do it now, because later will become never.” I’ve noticed this so many times in my life where I have this goal in mind, but I’m too afraid or frankly too lazy to start it. With the new year, I have promised myself to eat healthier and work out, not because I’m concerned about what the numbers read on my scale, but because I want to live a healthy and long life for my family.  This is my first goal this year, and it’s one of many I am confident I will be able to accomplish with hard work and dedication.

  1. Just be Healthy– physically, mentally, everything. I want to spend more time taking care of myself so I can be there for my family. 2018 was a rough year for me physically. I had a baby in 2017 that really messed with my body and my confidence. I guess being on bedrest for 13 weeks will do that to ya. Not only that, but I feel like I almost gave up on myself. I was eating like crap, starting having terrible gallbladder attacks because of it; and wasn’t getting enough exercise. I was ALWAYS tired. So, I started the KETO diet this year. It’s only been a few days and I already have so much more energy and confidence. I have no doubt I will be able to physically reach my goals this year because it is not about the scale this time. It’s about wanting to feel better and be healthier for my family. When it comes to them- I know I will do anything.
  2. Get organized– If there is one thing I am not great at, it’s staying organized. I really do try my best, and have an assistant who helps keep my life in order, but I still struggle. This year I want to simplify my life by implimenting things here and there that will in turn make my life a heck of a lot easier. I’ll be sure to share those on insta-stories (kissmedarlingxo) as well as Mom Hack Monday as well. 🙂
  3. Become a more tidy person- I don’t think any of my close friends would call me a “messy” person, but I could most certainly be more tidy. I’m the type of person who loves to live in the moment. When my kids come home and we eat together, I have them put their dishes in the sink and then we just PLAY. When we have friends over, I usually wait until  until later that night or sometimes even the next morning to clean up the kitchen. I would much rather spend my time with my loved ones, then slave away in the kitchen. BUT that sometimes bites me in the butt when I have a long list of to-do’s, and also a house to clean. I read a blog post recently that really got me to change things up a bit, and it has made a HUGE difference. It’s titled “5 Things People With Tidy Homes Don’t Do.” I found it very inspiring and have made a mental note to clean as I work, and to not go to bed unless everything is picked. Man, it is already making such a difference in my mood, and how productive I am. Things really start to change for the better when you wake up to a clean home every morning.
  4. Focus on being more of a Positive Parent– Do you all remember my Mom Hack Monday on Positive Parenting? Well, we have been really implementing these methods in our home, and THEY WORK!!! Well, they work as long as we apply the methods. There were a few weeks (especially around the holidays) where our patience was run thin. Kids were staying up later to go to events and play with friends, their sugar intake was through the roof, and my goodness my husband and I were just plain exhausted. Let’s just say there was a lot of nagging and yelling going on in the house, and we both knew we needed to make some changes. So, we sat down and wrote out a game plan to make our home more of a “safe place” for our kids. Really implementing the Positive Parenting Methods and following through with any consequences we deem necessary, and ignoring the bad behavior we felt was inconsequential. Most importantly, we want to acknowledge the GOOD things our kids are doing. “Watering the flower” as you would. Not the weeds. I want my kids to be able to come to us and talk to us about their feelings without feeling judged or afraid of our response. I want to have an awesome relationship with my kids even when they are older, so I truly feel this is how we are going to accomplish that. Make sure to read this blog post for more information, and id HIGHLY suggest signing up for this free webinar that covers a big portion of what Positive Parenting is. Another great option is simply following simplyonpurpose on Instagram. Ralphie is incredible and gives such insight on ways we can positively help our children without yelling, spanking, or nagging. These are SIMPLE things you can implement that have made such a huge impact on how I parent my boys. Life changing.
  5. Focus my blog and social media outlets on being more Intentional– This is something I have thought about for some time, and have really tried to implement the past few months. It is why I created Mom Hack Monday, so that I could get to know you all a bit better, but also so that I could offer you all some kind of insight or helpful tips along the way. When you come to my blog, I want to really be able to connect with you have you take something home with you after reading. No more simple “look how cute this top is,” posts. You should be able to feel inspired and have more confidence after reading my blog. This is my hope for 2019!

Do you have any New Years Resolutions? If so, what are they? Also, is there something you could like to see more of on Kiss Me Darling? I want to know why you follow me, what inspired you to read and makes you want to come back?  What could I improve on? Is there something you wish you could see less of? I promise I will not take offense. 🙂 Please email me at


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