Gifts for Kids 1-8

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Looking for some last minute gifts for kids? This Christmas Santa is bringing the boys some gifts they’ve been asking for, and a few surprises they are sure to love!

Toys for Boys who want to go, go, go!

  • These remote control RC cars are sure to be a big hit this Christmas. You guys, they can ride on THE WALLS!!! The reviews are outstanding, and I’ve had several friends recommend them.
  •  This red go-kart is another gift I’m super excited for the boys to see. Beckham has been asking for a go-kart for some time, and with him having Cerebral Palsy; I think this is going to be such a hit. I can’t wait to see his reaction when he sees it!
  • Zoom Tubes- You might have remembered a post I did a while back talking about this toy! They are literally tubes you connect together and a tiny race car zooms through them with blinking lights. My boys loved that they could build the track with tons of loops and turns, whatever their little imaginations could think of. I bought a couple more sets so we could make a gigantic track in the basement. They are going to love it!


  • Lets Play House set– Cruze is always getting into our closet grab a mop or broom to help me clean. I have a feeling he is definitely going to be my little helper as he gets older. This housekeeping set is the perfect gift for my little guys.
  • Mini Kitchen– Another toy I know Cruze will love is this mini kitchen. Like I said before, he is always getting into things; and that includes our kitchen cupboards. We had to baby proof every single cupboard because he loves getting into the pots and pans. So, this little mini kitchen will be perfect for him. He’ll be able to pretend to cook, play with his own mini pots and pans, you name it.
  • Dollhouse– Now, I can’t really speak for little girls since I have THREE boys- BUT I know the little girl in me would die over this adorable dollhouse. The details and craftsmanship are just way too cute.
  • Enchanted Fairy Doll– I thought this doll was just too beautiful not to share. If I had a girl, she would most definitely be getting this beauty for Christmas.

For big Imaginations-

  •  Stem Leaning set– I thought this set looked seriously awesome! Imagine the things your little one could create with this set. I would MUCH rather my boys do something like this and use their own imaginations, then watch tv. I just feel that especially at this age, we should be giving our kids ways to explore and use that beautiful brain of theirs. I know Cayman will likely build a car, and Beckham will probably build a train. The possibilities are endless.
  • This Osmo genius Kit for Ipad is on our wishlist this year. The reviews are incredible, and quite a few of my friends rant and rave about it. I love that it fosters creativity and problem solving with hands on play.

For the Music Lover 

  • Kids Loog Guitar- I honestly could not believe the quality of this three string electric guitar! It looks and feels like a professional guitar, and comes with flash cards as well as a free app to help teach your kids some popular songs.
  • Unicorn headphones- Could you die at the cuteness of these headphones? I’ve done a bit of research, and the reviews are pretty awesome too. If you have a girl in elementary or Junior High, I think these would be a huge hit. Heck, I think id like them in HS!

Fun for the Family

  • Laser Tag Set- At least once a week we play a game in our house we like to call “Ghosts in the dark.” It’s basically hide and seek in the dark. So, when I saw this laser tag set I thought it would be a super fun way to take it up a notch. I can just imagine hiding and trying to get my boys in the dark!
  • Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet– Okay, totally random I’m putting this in the “Fun for the Family,” section right? Well, I meant to do that! This tablet has been a huge hit for my family anytime we have had to travel. When the boys can watch their favorite show, and I can listen to mine; we are all one dang HAPPY FAMILY!

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