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I asked who you were still shopping for this year on my insta stories, and got such an overwhelming response to those saying they were still shopping for their mom! I was a little surprised because I feel like dads/brothers are a little harder for me to shop for, but it sounds like moms can be too! So, this gift guide for your mom was born! These are all tried and true products either my mom owns and loves, or just items I’ve heard amazing things about. Don’t worry, these are all top rated products, so you won’t find anything here she will not love.

For the Comfy Cozy Lover-

  • Sorel Boots– I got the idea to do Sorel boots because my mom loves all things cozy. She dresses up every day for work, and the second she gets home she’s in fuzzy socks and sweat pants. She is the type of person who finds such beauty in the snow, even if it’s frigid cold. I own a few pairs of Sorel boots, so I can definitely say that they are some of the comfiest snow boots I’ve ever had. Now my mom can be comfy cozy in her snow boots, while still looking totally fabulous.
  • A cozy Blanket– I chose this blanket because the ratings were so great, and when I felt the material in store I about died. Seriously the most plush gorgeous fabric, and I couldn’t believe the price! This comes in several colors and will look great draped over a bed, or on the side of a nice sofa. I can just see my mom snuggling up to it watching her favorite show.
  • Minnetonka Slippers– These incredibly soft slippers are a girls best friend. I may or may not have not only boughten a pair for my mom, but also for myself. Plus, they are dang cute if I do say so myself
  • Knit Tunic– I chose this tunic because I own it myself, and it’s like wearing a warm blanket all day. I’ve worn it with leggings, sweats, jeans and boots. It really is for versatile, and looks great dressed up or down.

For the Clean Freak-

  • Dyson Cordless Vacuum– Now, my mom did not personally ask for this, but I can almost guarantee you she would love it. This is actually on my Christmas list this year. I’m a mom, so this gift guide totally counts for me too, right? This vacuum has insanely good reviews, and is CORDLESS!!! Oh man, can’t tell you how many times I accidentally unplugged my vacuum while cleaning. This is genius. I also love that its lightweight, which my current vacuum is NOT.

For the Beauty GURU-

  • T3 Interchangable wand– This is my very favorite wand, because I can do tight curls, loose curls, ringlets, you name it! It holds my curl better than any wand I’ve ever used, and gets hot FAST!!! I love that it has adjustable heat settings so I don’t have to worry about it damaging my hair. I really do love my curling wand!
  • GloPro Microneedling Tool You guys, if there is one beauty product you buy this season, let it be this! It is incredible! Seriously I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin when I use this. It just gives my face a more vibrant glow, my fine lines are less noticeable, and I swear to you I’ve seen an increase in collagen. This is a great gift idea for your mom, because what mom doesn’t want more beautiful skin?
  • Rosewater Hydration Trio– I have heard such amazing things about using rosewater to hydrate your face. It has the best rating everywhere I look, so I’m excited to try it myself. I’ve also had a few friends suggest it when I asked what I could do to give my face a nice “glow.”
  • Illuminating Mirror– last year my mom asked for an illuminating mirror, and she loves it. This is great for getting ready and really getting a good view when you’re doing your makeup. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally walked out of my house with my contour way too dark, or mascara smudged because I didn’t have a good mirror to get ready with. This mirror has awesome reviews, and stimulates natural light so you can see all color variations. The lights also turn on when your face approaches! Seriously, Incredible!!

Personalized Gifts-

  • Personalized Notebook I love this personalized photo notebook, because my mother in law travels a lot and likes to keep a little journal with her. I think this would be so great for her because she can see pictures of her sons, daughters, and grandbabies while she travels. This would be a great gift if your mom likes to keep journal or jot things down she might forget.
  • Personalized Photo Calendar I’ve done these photo calendars for years now because they really seem to mean a lot to my family members. Having precious photos of their kids is always a big hit, and my goodness are they cute. Every month there is a new theme with different photos you can choose from your own album that go along with the season.
  • Monogrammed Mom Necklace I own a few of these personalized necklaces with my kids initials on them. Every time I’m away from them, I love knowing I have a piece of them close to my heart.

For the Tech Lover

  • Amazon Echo We’ve had out Amazon Echo for a few years now, and we love it! When we went on vacation in October, I realized how much we used her at home. She’s our alarm clock, our timer, our reminder, our music player, etc. Not having her around seemed so weird, and I think I realized that this is a gift that will hands down be a BIG hit!
  • FitBit Versa Smart Watch– I’ve heard amazing things about this watch, so I just had to share. Not only does it sync to your phone, so you can get text alerts, calls, and listen to music; but it can also track your heart rate, steps, and calories burned. AMAZING!!!

So fresh and so clean-

  • Jo Malone perfume– Remember this blog post where I shared my favorite Jo Malone scent? Well, my obsession continues. Every time I wear it I get tons of compliments. It just smells so FRESH!! Nothing too overwhelming, just this amazingly fresh scent.
  • Jo Malone Candle Set– Because I love their fragrances so much, I knew I had to try their candles. Oh my heavens, they are just as good! This would be a great gift for your mom who loves candles and her home always smelling beautiful. You simply cannot go wrong with Jo Malone, because every scent smells divine!

I hope you all love this gift guide and find it useful when searching for gifts for your mom! I know moms can sometimes be a bit hard to shop for, but they also deserve to feel special on Christmas as well. Whether your mom loves a cozy blanket, or feels her best when her makeup looks great; I think this gift guide should cover all of the bases. Happy shopping, friends. Most importantly though, Happy Holidays! <3




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