Gift Guide for the Fitness Lover

I hope you have loved my gift guides so far! Todays gift guide is all about that person in your life who loves to work out! Whether you are one yourself, or if its a friend or family member; we all have one! They can sometimes be hard to buy for because they don’t normally like wearing everyday clothes, or just like to keep things super casual. That is what is so great about activewear, its super comfortable so you can wear it all day if you want. In fact- on days that I really do not feel like putting on jeans and makeup, I wear activewear. Why? Because if I look like death people will just think I got in a good workout at the gym! WINNING!!!

Now, lets talk about quality. Finding good comfortable activewear is one thing, but is it good quality? Will he or she be able to wear it for years to come? I chose some super great and highly rated items that are sure to be a big hit, and they all will not break the bank. YES.

With that said, here are my top items I think every fitness lover should own. If they don’t have one yet, it would be an amazing gift!

1. Fitbit- Okay, if you’re a fitness lover and you do not own one of these; you’re missing out! There are quite a few options of FitBits out there, but I personally love this one. It’s the Fitbit special edition Alta. I love that it’s small, and has different wrist band colors I can switch out. It tracks my heartrate, steps, etc to give me a better idea of the calories I’ve burned for the day. There is also the infamous FitBit Vera. This is great if you are wanting something that is a little integrated with your smartphone. You can also get text alerts, make phone calls, listen to music (through headphones) along with everything else.

2. A good Winter Athletic Jacket

I went for a run the other day and quickly realized that NJ is not the best for outdoor running, unless you have a good athletic jacket. Sure, you get warmer as you run, but the humidity chills you to your bones! This Bernardo jacket kept me warm, but didn’t smother me with such thickness and fur. There is always the option to layer with a cute vest, which I will try next time. I personally love this Northface down Vest because it’s not only cute, but has amazing ratings. Plus, you know anything by Northface will definitely keep you warm and toasty.

3. A New Fitness Backpack

I love having a good backpack or tote for when I’m heading to the gym. Something lightweight, sporty, with extra pockets. I’ve been using this MZ Wallace backpack for a couple years and love it! The color and material is adorable, and the quality is amazing. I also love my MZ Wallace tote as well. You really can’t go wrong with either.

4. A new pair of Athletic Shoes

I don’t know about you, but I love a new pair of shoes to give me the motivation to get up and out to the gym. With the new year around the corner, a new pair of athletic shoes for the fitness lover in your life can be a great gift! I love Nike shoes because they are super comfortable and the styles and colors are adorable. I like being comfortable, but I also like feeling cute when I work out. It gives me confidence, and I swear I get a better workout in! I know, I know, I’m such a nerd!

5. Workout accessories!

These can be great stocking stuffers! Whether it is good hair ties. Heaven knows a girl needs hair ties that stay in place and keep her hair out of her face as she’s working a sweat on the treadmill. Another great stocking stuffer would be some new ear buds. I find it much easier to work out while I listen to my favorite tunes. Sometimes though, my headphones fall out of my ears and become a big nuisance. These wireless ear buds have great reviews, and might I also mention that thee color is super cute?  Lastly, a cute waterbottle is always a must when your getting in your daily exercise. I like something that not only keeps my water cold, but is durable as well. A cute color or design is always a plus as well. These Hydroflask water bottles have all of the above, and make a great stocking stuffer!


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