How to get your kids excited about reading with Ready-to-Read books!

This post was sponsored by Simon & Schuster.

A child who reads just one minute a day will be exposed to 8,000 new words in one year, while a child who reads just 20 minutes a day will be exposed to 1,800,000 new words in one year. How incredible is that? Since my boys were just babies, I’ve always made it a priority to read to them every day. Now that they are older, I love taking them to the book store to pick out their own books to read independently. That is why we love Ready-to-Read books from Simon and Schuster! The early reader line allows my boys to choose books with their favorite characters, and at the reading level that’s appropriate for them. It gives them such pride and confidence to be able to read to each other, and it gets these reluctant readers excited about reading time!

I personally love that every title utilizes concepts such as sight words, shorter lengths, word families, rhyming, and contains a guide at the beginning of each book to prepare children for the story ahead. They also give fun reading comprehension questions at the end of each story help children to re-engage with the text and better understand it. The Ready-to-Read books are also separated into five “star” levels that help develop young readers into reading superstars!

I can’t tell you what a great feeling it is to be able to watch my boys sit down quietly to read a book. It is music to my ears knowing that they are learning and enjoying it at the same time. If you have a little one who is learning to read, I would highly recommend Ready to Read books by Simon and Schuster. Check out their official site to learn more!

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