Mom Hack Monday- Fall Bucket List for Kids

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I love being able to get my kids outdoors to enjoy fresh air and to teach them that having fun doesn’t require a screen.  With weather starting to cool down, I know I need to take advantage of the nice weather before it starts getting too cold to be outside for too long. That is why we put together a last minute Fall Bucket List. If you don’t want to leave the house? Well, I’ve got some fun ideas for you too!

3.Buy your kids a few new fall clothes. One thing I love to do every year is buy a few adorable fall outfits for the kids to get them excited about the new season. (Back to school shopping should totally be on your bucket list.)4. Head to your local farm! Where we live there is a farm on almost every corner. We either go apple or pumpkin picking at the beginning of the season. Shop our outfits HERE

5. Go on a hayride! (Now this can go along with #3 if you play it right.)  Nothing says fall to me like a good ole hayride with my boys! If all plays out right, you might be able to take a hayride to pick apples or pumpkins. This way, you are killing two birds with one stone. Two items checked of the bucket list in one day! YES!6. Bake apple pies and freeze them for Thanksgiving! Now, if you decided you wanted to pick apples for your farm visit, take advantage of those delicious apples! We usually have a baking day where we bake mini apples pies, and then freeze them for Thanksgiving. Here is the recipe we use! Shop the below outfit HERE7. Go on a hike to enjoy the fall scenery. I know not everyone has beautiful fall foliage like we do, but going on a hike while the weather is nice is always a must in my book.8. Go camping! We did this at the very beginning of the season because we didn’t want it to get too chilly for the kids; but it was a blast! I can only imagine how gorgeous it would have been at peak season.

9.Go to a Fall Festival! I love heading to our local fall festival because there is always so much to do for the kids. Last year they got their faces painted, and were able to feed the animals at the petting zoo.10. Buy some spooky pajamas for the kids! My boys LOVE when we get to buy new pajamas for Halloween because they have so many glow in the dark options. They love being the spooky skeleton for bed!

11. Bake fall cookies- If you have a day where the weather isn’t too great, stay in wearing your new spooky pj’s, and bake cookies. Maybe watch a kid friendly Halloween movie while you’re at it.

12.Paint pumpkins- Here in NJ, pretty much every farm we go to gives all kids one free pumpkin with admission. So, we tend to acquire a lot of tiny pumpkins around the house. We usually spend an evening painting the small pumpkins, but make sure to lay down lots and lots of newspaper! 13. Take fall photos with your family! We did this last year, and they turned out amazing. I mean, just look at that fall foliage. Shop this outfit here. 14.Throw a Halloween Party! We decided to make my son Beckham’s Birthday party a Halloween theme this year at our local farm. We had the kids dress up in their favorite Halloween costumes, and made lots of spooky treats. They also went on a hayride to pick baby pumpkins, and went through a little corn maze for kids. It was a blast!

15.Watch an Outdoor Spooky Movie- We are actually going to be doing this next weekend! My friend is renting a projector, and we are going to have the kids watch the movie in her driveway! Make sure you have lots of blankets, and don’t forget the popcorn!

16. “Boo” your friends! We like to go to the Dollar store (or Target, because duh) and pick out a few Halloween treats and toys to put in a basket. We choose a few of the boys friends in the neighborhood and leave the basket of goodies on their doorsteps with a sign that says, “You’ve been Boo’ed!” The boys love ringing the doorbell and hiding! haha We print our free signs here

17. Read Books about Fall- We love reading books in our house, especially if they are about fall or Halloween! Our very favorite season! Our favorite right now is “Scaredy Cat Splat“, and of course “Room on the Broom.” 18. Play in the Fall Leaves- There is nothing more magical (besides fresh fallen snow) as gorgeous fall leaves thrown up in the air. Just beautiful, and so fun for the kiddos!

19. Bake Pumpkin Treats! Pumpkin Bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cake. The treat possibilities are endless. Eat them now, or freeze them for Thanksgiving!

20. Carve Pumpkins! and last but not least, carve pumpkins! We save this for the week of Halloween, so are jack-o-laterns are in perfect condition for Trick-or-Treaters!

  1. I hope you all have a wonderful fall season, and a Happy Halloween! Thanks for stopping by!


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