Mom Hack Monday- 5 Tips for taking great fall family photos

It’s no surprise to anyone who has followed me for a while that I love fall. Last year I made sure to get some good family photos before the gorgeous fall foliage disappeared, and I love them so much. My sister in law Diane of Luminance Photography came out to visit, and she took some family photos for us. I absolutely love when she takes our photos because she is so easy to work with, and made the whole session fun and painless for everyone.

Because we enjoyed the session so much, and loved these gorgeous (and priceless) family photos; I asked her what 5 things parents can do to take great fall photos!

Here are her Top 5:

  1. Find a photographer who will make the session FUN for your kids, and also fits your personal style. There are photographers out there who take gorgeous photos, but haven’t worked with kids much. Lets face it, if your kids are screaming and unhappy, you will be too. It’s important to find a photographer who will make it a game. Diane found ways to make the photo shoot fun for my boys. We played “choo choo train” and held hands like a train, and went to the “train station.” She gave them cues like, “Hey, give this leaf to your mom!” or “let’s see who can throw the leaves up in the air the highest!” It made all the difference in these photos, and my kids enjoyed every minute of it. It honestly was such a fun shoot, and no tears were shed.
  2. Give Expectations and a reward- It’s important to talk to your photographer about what will happen during the shoot and how long it will take. Make sure everyone in your family is on the same page so no one (even your husband) gets impatient. Get down to your kids level and explain what you expect of them, and if they do that; they will get a reward. The reward can be something simple like going to ice cream after.
  3. Plan outfits that make you feel confident, but are also practical. If you never wear heels, wearing them for the first time during a family photo session might not be a great idea. You won’t feel comfortable, and it will show in your pictures. Also, if the weather is cooler where you are, bring extra blankets and coats to warm up in. Beanies are also stylish and will keep your kiddos toasty warm during photos. Hand warmers are also a great idea
  4. Choose a photoshoot time that works best for your family. Scheduling a session in the early evening might bee great for lighting purposes, but if you have a little one who’s grumpy in the evenings- that won’t be so great. Choose a time that offers optimal lighting, but won’t conflict too badly with their schedules.
  5. For any new moms- make sure baby is fed right before the shoot so they are not hungry. Same goes for older kids (and even your husband) as well. A good meal will make everyone much happier. Id also suggest bringing a snack for each kid, as well as a water bottle in case they get thirsty.

I hope these tips help anyone who is planning family photos this fall! You can find similar versions of our outfits below.



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