Mom Hack Monday- Single Stroller Review

Alright, alright, I know what you’re thinking. Who needs THAT many strollers? I agree, and my husband would too. When I found out I was pregnant with Cruze, I went a little overboard. The second I announced my pregnancy, I had companies reaching out left and right, and I wanted to try them all! I was so incredibly excited to be adding another baby to the family after years of thinking we couldn’t. I love strollers, and especially when they make my life a little easier. So, although I might be crazy for trying this many strollers; I’m also better equipped to answer any questions you might have.

I have since then narrowed them down and given one to a Women’s Shelter, one to a friend, and another to a family who needed one. So, for this stroller review I will tell you what I love and don’t love about each; and also which I ended up keeping for myself.

Silvercross Wave– Now this stroller is also a double stroller, BUT I have used it so much as a single; I felt it deserved to be included in this review. What I love most about this stroller is its beautiful leather handlebar detailing. As a single or double, the seats come with it, and the kids cross bars also have the cognac leather on them as well. The storage space is pretty great, and may I say sturdy? Cayman sometimes climbs inside and takes a little stroll with us. I’ve also gone grocery shopping with it, and it can hold a TON! It rides like a dream and moves around easily. It also folds up quickly and easily. Everything has its place, even the cup holder has a special insert on the frame itself. There are also covers you can put over the seats when its cold, or rain covers when it’s pouring rain.

What I don’t love– To be honest there isn’t much I don’t love about this             stroller. My husband and I call it the Rolls Royce of strollers, BUT it is a               bit heavy and it does fold up a bit more bulky than others.  

Did I end up keeping it? Yes. Because it can also be a double stroller, we felt it was practical and we honestly love the quality more than any of our other strollers. Our son Beckham has CP and sometimes has a hard time walking for too long, so having a double stroller on hand is really nice.

For around $1,200, YES this stroller is absolutely worth every penny.

    2. Baby Jogger City Tour- Is this folder super sturdy or fancy? No. Is it            practical? Absolutely. If you are looking for a good travel stroller, this            would be it. It folds up tight and small, so it hardly takes up any space at              all. It is also very lightweight, and sturdy enough to push around our 40 lb          5 year old.

What I don’t love- because it is so small, it doesn’t have a lot of storage space. Also, although this was never a problem for us because Beckham was bigger; the depth of the seat (or lack thereof) can make it hard for children to sit correctly. I imagine they would slide down? I’ve only read a couple complaints of this, and honestly can’t say we experienced this ourselves, so maybe just take that with a grain of salt.

Did we keep it? No. We ended up donating this stroller to a womens shelter, but my husband has since said he misses it (although we don’t regret donating) because it would have been perfect for our trip coming up.

For around $200, NO ( Although my husband would say Yes) I do not think it is worth the money. If you can find it on sale id say go for it. 🙂

Nuna Mixx2- This was one of my first strollers I chose while pregnant with Cruze. It is simple, it folds compact with ease, and the design is sleek and sturdy. All around this stroller is great for travel or just your every day needs. I love that I can easily pop Cruze’s carseat on it, or put him in a regular seat. There is no fancy handlebars or anything like that, but it still looks great and rides around with ease. The handlebars adjust to height, and it is light enough that I can easily pick it up and put it into the back of my car. Heaven knows I don’t like lifting heavy strollers with three kids.

What I don’t love– As a single stroller, I think this one would have to be my favorite. There isn’t much I don’t like about it, other then the storage at the bottom is a little flimsy, and doesn’t hold as much as the SilverCross.

Did we keep it- Yes (for now) We have put this one aside for a family member. It is honestly a great single, and it would work great as a travel stroller. We planned on keeping it until we heard a family member needed it, so we will be saying goodbye to her soon. She gave us a great year. 🙂

For around $600 YES this stroller is worth the money. Just check out the reviews. I think this might possibly be the best stroller for any new mom. This stroller also always goes on sale every year during the infamous #Nsale, so make sure to grab it then.

Stokke Xplory This stroller by far gets the most compliments. Everywhere I go I have people tell me how awesome it looks, how much they’ve always wanted one, or ask where I got it. It really has such a cool modern look, and to me speaks for itself when it comes to class. It moves around easily, is very sturdy, and comes with all the bells and whistles. It comes with a bug net, rain covers, and can be used with a bassinet as well. It even has it’s own umbrella! I mean, come on!

What I don’t love- I don’t know how else to explain it, other than this stroller is very “high tech.” It takes a while to get used to how it all works, and can be a little tricky to set up and fold up. It not as user friendly as these other strollers that’s for sure. The storage space is also very limited. I would definitely not recommend this stroller for travel.

Did we keep it. Yes. We debated giving this one away, but I just couldn’t part with it. I love the look, and how it comes with everything I need for any kind of weather. Plus, Cruze always falls asleep really fast when he’s in it. So we are keeping it for now.

For around $1,150, no I do not think this stroller is worth the money. If you can find this on sale around $700 id say go for it!


Baby Jogger City Premier This is another sturdy stroller, with an elegant and sleek design. It also folds up nice and compact. The storage is decent, and I love that Cruze can face me or away from me. It also has a hand operated parking break, and comes with the trusted BabyJogger name. I am a huge fan of their strollers! There is also an adapter so I can keep him in his carseat if needed. Not only that, but there is also an adaptable pram or glider board to adjust to your babies needs and comfort.

What I don’t love- Because of the steel frame, it is a bit heavy. The Canopy is also very flimsy and could definitely be improved upon.

Did we keep it? – Surprisingly no. Beckham was starting to grow out of it, so we gave it to a friend. If we had known we were going to have one more, we definitely would have kept it for him. It is a great stroller.

for around $400- Yes this is 100% worth the money.

Bob Rambler Jogging Stroller– It’s really hard to compare this stroller with any others, because it is SO different. Having multiple strollers for different reasons is great and all, but not one can ride with ease when I start to pick up speed. So, having a jogging stroller was a MUST! This stroller moves like a dream, and can handle bumps or rough terrain with it’s all wheel suspension like a champ. I love the super big canopy that can cover almost all of Cruze and shade him from the heat. It also has a little peep shade so I can look at him while I jog. It folds up nicely, and is sturdy yet lightweight with it’s aluminum frame. I also love that there is the option to add a carseat adapter. Since Cruze is petite and often falls asleep in his carseat, I might be making that purchase here soon.

What I don’t love- the storage space in my opinion isn’t great. With three kids I always bring a lot with me, and it’s hard cramming everything in there. I also don’t love his belt buckles. Cruze is petite, and always manages to get his belt off his shoulders, so they end up under his armpits. I think once he grows just a bit more, it’ll be perfect for him.  I also wish there was a parent console and belly bar included. You can buy these separately.

Did we keep it? YES of course. This is a great jogging stroller, and i’ve been getting my use out of it every day.

For around $300 Yes– it is worth the money.



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