Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- What you need to know

That’s right! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts on THURSDAY for card members! I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe how quickly that snuck up on me. Last year it seemed like it was way towards the end of summer, but it wasn’t. It’s flippin July, and I’ll be looking at fall clothes. I think last year because I was only one month post-partum, the layers were sounding extra nice! haha This year I just want to live in a swimsuit and beat this heat, so I have mixed emotions about the whole thing. One things for sure, I will never regret stocking up on fall/winter clothes for a killer deal. The last few years I wore my Anniversary sale clothes all season long, so it was definitely worth it.

Here’s What you need to know about the sale:

Why is the NSale the best sale to shop? First and foremost, the quality of their products. Also, unlike most department store sales; the Nordstrom Anniversary sale features NEW products for a discounted price for a limited time. While other stores usually have sales after the items have been on the shelf for quite some time, or when the season has changed and they want to clearance out the old merchandise.

When Does the NSale start?

Early access begins July 12th. This is for Nordstrom debit or credit card holders. Last year some of my favorite items sold out within minutes, so its important to have early access before your favorite items sell out. If you’d like to gain early access to the sale, you can sign up here. I signed up a few years ago right before the sale, and got it just in time to start shopping. My Nordstrom debit card links right to my bank account, no credit card needed. Public access begins July 20th, and the last day of the sale is August 5th

Make a List and Set a Budget

Before you even browse the sale, it is so important to make a list first. Write down items you hope to find. For example; a cashmere sweater, fall boots, handbag, etc. When browsing the sale, write down your must have items. Think staple pieces for fall you know you’d wear over and over, or the skincare cream you’ve always wanted but never goes on sale. Once you have your list, set a realistic budget. If you have extra money, then go through and write down the items you like but are not a “must have.” It can be easy to see the word sale and want to buy every cute thing you see, especially when it comes to Nordstrom. It’s better to buy the things you know you will love, and then set a budget for anything else you think you might like. Last year I had a dress on my list that was not a “must have,” but decided it was still within my budget and made the splurge. It was a little out of my comfort zone, but I ended up loving it and the style was very flattering. So, make sure you set a budget if you’d like to splurge a little.

Who are you Shopping For?

Are you shopping for yourself? Your kids? Your husband? Your Mom? Make sure to remember this sale is a great time to buy for Christmas, Birthdays etc. Why not get them quality items for a huge discount. It’s also a great time to buy for weddings as well.

Search by Designer and Price

This one is no brainer for me now, but I wish I would have done this years ago. I would search every single page and find myself falling in love with items that were way over my budget. Now I search for my favorite brands, and set a price limit. No designer shoes are worth going into debt over, they’re just not. When you set a price limit, you’ll never be tempted by anything over your budget.

What will you be buying?

If you haven’t checked out this years catalog, I suggest you do. It is SO good! I’ll personally be buying some new denim, because the styles this year (as you can see below) are awesome! I’ll also likely grab an adorable blazer, and of course some new fall boots!





I hope you all are excited for the sale, and make sure to stop back here for my top picks. I promise to do all the work for you. ? Happy Monday!


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