Best Amazon Summer Items for Kids!

Okay, I cannot be the only one who searches Amazon to find the best rated items! I take those amazon reviews very seriously, and if the review looks good; 99% of the time I love the product! This time I searched for the best summer toys/activities for kids this summer. I went through and chose personal favorites I personally own, and a few I will likely buy this summer. Last year I bought this little pool for the boys while I was on bedrest. I literally blew it up right on our back porch, so I could be laying on the couch in our living room and still be able to keep an eye on them. It was such a lifesaver, and because it wasn’t deep, I didn’t need to worry about saving them from drowning. I knew they were outside enjoying the sunshine, and took comfort knowing I was keeping baby safe. Plus, they absolutely loved it! Something I will be buying this year is this backyard explorer kit for catching bugs. I think my boys will love catching bugs and learning all their is to know about them! One of our favorite things to do on warm summer nights is catching fireflies. Some of my favorite memories have been doing this, so I cannot wait to do it again. Below are some of my tried and true favorites, and of course they all have some awesome amazon reviews! Enjoy!

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