My Favorite Lip Balms for Spring

Lately I’ve been loving lip balms, so much so that I can’t seem to go a day without putting some on. I used to love wearing lipsticks, but they either transferred onto EVERYTHING (clothes, drinks, my kids cheeks etc) or they left my lips feeling super dry. I just wanted something to give my lips a little color, wouldn’t transfer, but left my lips feeling kissable soft. These Best lip balms for Spring are some of my tried and true favorites. They give my lips a slight tint with minimal transfer, and makes them feel so incredible soft and smooth. My personal favorite is this new YSL Liquid Lip Balm. The color I’m wearing here is “Show me Peach,” and it smells delightful. A little like watermelon actually.

As we enter into spring with warm weather on the horizon, I’ll be spending a lot more time outside soaking up sun rays at the pool or at the beach. Lipsticks are just not ideal for that type of lifestyle, am I right? So, basically what I’m saying is- Make sure to stock up on some beautiful shades of lip balm this spring!

Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring todays post, as always all opinions are my own.

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