Mom Hack Monday- Snoo Smart Sleeper Review

Now that we are officially transitioning Cruze from his bassinet to his crib, I thought it was about time I shared our review of the Snoo Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby. We decided in order to make this transition as smooth as possible, we should put his bassinet in his nursery to get him used to the new scenery. First off, I must say that I wanted to write a thorough review, simply because this bassinet is quite pricey. I have been very critical of this sleeper from the get go, simply because it sounded way too good to be true. After months of using it though, my fears were put to rest. This sleeper is worth every. single. penny!

How It Works-

For those of you who haven’t heard about the Snoo, this is how it works. The Snoo Sleeper gently rocks your baby to sleep, and lulls him or her back to sleep at the sound of a cry. The 5 second swaddle is one of the best i’ve used, and attaches easily to the sleeper. White noise softly plays, and changes if your baby awakes and cries (Soft rain for sleep, wound sound if crying). There are different settings for the snoo that can easily be adjusted from your smart phone. We used the wean settings to get him ready to transition to his crib, and it worked like a charm!

Now, Im not going to lie; I was a little skeptical when I heard about this smart sleeper. My first thoughts? A baby needs its mom! It needs ME! Not a smart bassinet to rock it back to sleep. What on Earth is the world coming to? Well, after talking to my husband I quickly remembered those hard months with our second son. He was not a good sleeper. We were grumpy, irritable, and just downright exhausted for months straight. We read books on sleep training, but nothing seemed to work. It was frustrating, and our biggest concern was that he was just not getting the sleep he needed to grow. Not only that, but when I’m tired, I’m not as good a mom as I should be. Also, I swear my brain just doesn’t want to function on little sleep, making me forgetful and unable to focus. So, as you can imagine; the Snoo Smart Sleeper was sounding a heck of a lot better.

Our First Impression-

When the sleeper first arrived, I was jumping for joy! Of all of the things I had ordered for the baby- this was by far the one I was most excited about. It was pretty simple to set up, and the design is honestly very impressive. I love that it looks stylish and modern, but even more importantly that it is SAFE for my baby.

The first week getting used to the Snoo was a bit rough if I’m being completely honest. It didn’t arrive until a week after he came home from the hospital, because he was born early. So, we had to transition him to a new sleeping routine from the one he had in the NICU. On top of that, I felt the motions were a bit too rough for a newborn (especially a preemie). Obviously it is no more than the baby feels in the womb, but this still concerned me. I contacted Happiest Baby, and they had a Sleep Specialist walk me through everything. Their customer service is truly incredible, and the fact that they stood behind their product and took the time to walk me through everything was huge for me. I learned that I could make adjustments from my phone, and lowered his settings according to what I thought he needed. After that it was pure magic! Am I exaggerating? Not even a little. Even my husband who was a little unsure about the Snoo at first, said it was by far the best baby product we owned.

The next 6 months…

We’d do our regular nightly routine with him every night, and put him in his 5 second swaddle before being fed for the night. Once he was finished, id gently lay him in the Snoo, and attach the swaddle wings to the sleeper. The white noise would immediately soothe him to sleep. It was almost like it signaled to him that it was time to sleep. Then when he’d wake up at night, the soft motions of the sleeper and white noise would soothe him back to sleep. This was wonderful for us because our babies are so easily woken up in those first few weeks. Not having to get up every hour on the hour to rock my baby back to sleep was really nice. Don’t get me wrong, I love being the one to rock my baby, but when you have two other kids who like to wake up at the crack of dawn; a good nights sleep is everything! Now of course there are times your baby really will be hungry and need to be fed. At this point the Snoo stops and alerts your phone that the baby needs attention (this is great for nap time when you’re in another room and can’t hear the baby), but otherwise you’re right there to nurse, snuggle, bottle feed, change a diaper, or just soak in those sweet baby smells.

Is it Worth the Investment-

I can’t even tell you guys how much the Snoo Sleeper was such a life saver for us. I remember vividly how incredibly exhausted I was with the older boys,  and even though I was still tired with Cruze; it was such a comfort knowing he was safe and being soothed while I got a little extra sleep. Bottom Line- Your baby will be much happier with a better nights rest, and so will you! So, is it worth the investment to get this sleeper? I think it depends on a few things.

      1.  Are you planning on having other kids? If thats the case, ABSOLUTELY! This will be likely be your best baby investment.
      2. What would you pay for a good nights sleep? Id personally pay a lot.
      3.  What if I only want one child, or what if I want this for my last baby? Well, I guess this depends on your home situation. Id ask you these questions
  •     Do you work out of the home? If so, a good nights rest is obviously important to be able to have the energy to work a full day. You working mamas are incredible!
  •      If you have other kids, were your other good sleepers? If not, the Snoo might be what you need. Remember, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Is safe sleeping a concern? For me, I always ended up co-sleeping with my babies, because I couldn’t function the next day if I was constantly getting up all night trying to soothe the baby back to sleep. The snoo allows for safe sleep, and you’re up a heck of a lot less. It basically takes the night shift. When your babies ready to eat, he or she will let you know. Otherwise, dream those sweet dreams!

Pros and Cons-


  • Keeps your baby SAFE at night with protective swaddle wings that keep your baby on his/her back. (comes with three swaddles. S, M, L)
  • Soothes the baby back to sleep, so you can get some extra z’s in.
  • Dual Mesh Wall for maximum comfort, safety, and breathability
  • Gradual weaning feature makes it easy to transition your baby to his/her crib.
  • It’s like your own personal night nurse.
  • Modern Sleek design makes it fit beautifully in any home
  • The 5 second swaddle is genius, and the wings can be attached easily even in the dark.
  • The Snoo app allows you to check in on your baby while he/she naps. It will show you if the baby is calm, being comforted, or needs your attention.
  • If your baby has reflux, SNOO provides leg lifters that will place your baby at a slight incline. This is great for preemie babies who are prone to reflux.
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Incredible customer service with trained Sleep Specialists, who will walk you through any questions or concerns you have.
  • Right now you can get 30% off until the Snoo is restocked on April 17th!


  • The price- $1,160.o0, for a sleeper that can only be used for the first six months. That’s a lot of money. Which brings me back to above. If you are planning on having more children, this will hands down be your best investment. Also, it is now 30% off until they restock on April 17th!
  • You are only able to lock settings from your phone, not the SNOO itself. I’m sure eventually they will add this feature, but for now you have to use your phone. You are however able to adjust the levels (make it level up)  by holding down the activity button on the front of the SNOO.
  • The technology was a little tricky at first. We had some issues with our router not connecting to the Snoo, but Happiest Baby literally overnighted us a new router. BEST customer service I’ve ever experienced. No, Im not exaggerating.
  • The Snoo is a little on the heavier side, and is not something you can move from room to room easily. I moved it from my room to the babies nursery, but I wouldn’t bother trying to move it downstairs

Improvements I hope they make-

It would be wonderful if Happiest Baby would include an attached video monitor with the Snoo in the future. That way when I check in on the app, I could take a peep at him while he sleeps. What would be even better? If they had a built in monitor that checks for movement and heartbeat! Now I’m just dreaming, but that would be awesome!

I hope this information was helpful to anyone who is thinking about purchasing the Snoo Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby. In my honest opinion I think it is well worth the money, but this is a big investment. I wanted to test this out for the full six months to really give you all an honest review. I hope you enjoyed it. Please reach out if you have any questions. I’m happy to help in any way I can.


Thank you Happiest Baby for gifting me this incredible Snoo Smart Sleeper. As always, all opinions are my own.


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