Mom Hack Monday- Easter Traditions

Our Easter Traditions

Happy Mom Hack Monday! Todays post is extra special, because I’m sharing how we celebrate Easter at our house and some Easter outfits for the family! On Easter morning the boys find “clues” to where their Easter Baskets are hidden. Sometimes it’s little “bunny footprints.” Sometimes it little jelly beans leading the way. One year I put clues in eggs, and each led to the other clue. Once they found all of the eggs, the last clue would take them to their basket.

Basket Ideas/ Easter Outfits

Because Caymans birthday is right before Easter, I don’t go big on gifts. Instead I (I mean the Easter bunny;) ) gets things that I would normally buy anyway. For instance bubbles, chalk, and a book. All things I would get them around this time of year anyway. I always lay out their new Spring church clothes as apart of their baskets. This makes them extra excited for church, which is really what this holiday is about anyway right? Celebrating the resurrection of our Savior? So what better way to celebrate, then to dress in our Sunday best at church to worship him! If you’ve already boughten their spring church clothes, another option i’ve done before is swimsuits! Now that the weather is warming up, it’s a great way to get them excited for sunshine trips you might have planned. After we open Easter baskets, my husband makes his famous Bunny pancakes. They are a hut every single time, and so easy! (image below) This year instead of getting the older boys a book, I am getting them these adorable mom and me journals. You write notes to each other back and forth, and it’s a great way to keep open communication with your kids. I absolutely love this idea, and now that my boys are getting better at writing; what better way to get them to practice at home as well. They also have a girl version as well.

As you can see, I am especially loving Janie and Jacks Easter line right now. Their quality is just unbeatable, and I am literally dying over these suspender shorts for Cruze. I mean, how cute are they? I’ve compiled some adorable Easter outfits for Him & Her, plus some adorable looks for the kids. Everything below is clickable, and will take you directly to the links.

What are YOUR Easter Traditions! Leave me a comment below. We are always looking for new ideas! 🙂

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