Mom Hack Monday- 5 Easy Spring Crafts for your Kids

What Inspired this post

Lately we’ve decided to significantly decrease the amount of TV our kids are allowed to watch. For the record, it wasn’t much before (an hr a day). I’ll get more into why we made this decision in another post, but we both just ultimately felt this time is so precious with our kids and we want them to learn and grow with us; and not in front of a TV. So, to keep them busy I’ve prepared a lot more crafts for them to do. If you know me personally, you know how much we are big on crafts in our house. That, and baking are our two favorite things. With St Patricks day and Spring fast approaching, I thought todays Mom Hack Monday would be the perfect opportunity to share these 5 easy spring crafts for kids. Most of the supplies used are from my Craft Jar. We bought one years ago, and I couldn’t believe how often we used it. If you have a little one who’s finally old enough to do crafts with, then this is a good place to start.

1. Cherry Blossom Q-tip Craft
This craft is so much fun, and so easy for little ones. I drew the tree/branches (if you have older kids, they can do this themselves). Then I take three q-tips and wrap them with a rubber band, and have him dip whatever color paint he wants. The q-tips make the cutest little flowers, and with them being double ended; kids can easily switch from color to color without mixing them.

2. St. Patricks Rainbow Pot of Gold craft

We used construction paper using the colors of the rainbow, and cut a strip of all the colors. You simply glue (or tape) the strips to one side, flip the strips and glue them to the other side. We bought some cute little foam sticker shamrocks etc, but you can cut out your own pot of gold too.

3. Tulip Craft using Forks

This craft is great for kids even as young as 2. We just squirt whatever paint colors we want into little blobs (im obviously terrible at being descriptive), and dip them in the paint. There is minimal mess, and it always turns out cute no matter how young or old your little one is.

4. Mini Birdhouses

Every year we always paint bird houses for spring. They have them for under $3 at AC.Moore. Beckham was so excited to put the bird feed inside, and hang it on our tree. It’s a great way to welcome spring with your kids. We had to use regular acrylic paint on this, obviously because washable paint would wash off with any kind of rain. So, just make sure your littles wear a smock and paint in an area that won’t matter if paint is spilled. Unless you’re like me, and like living on the edge. 😉

5. Ladybug out of Rocks Craft

I must say, I think this one might be my boys favorite. But really, what kid doesn’t like digging up rocks? I had them go out and scour our backyard to find small rocks. They painted them all sorts of colors, and once they dried I made them into ladybugs by painting their black spots etc. You can obviously have your kids do this part, but by the time the first coat dried my kids were on to something else. We put them out in our front yard where we plan to plant flowers in the spring, and they look too cute!

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