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My Top Ten Baby Items

Why hello there friends! A few weeks ago I did a poll on instagram to gage your interest on what you would like to see from me on my blog. I want to be more intentional in my blogs posts, and I want to be able to share something valuable with you besides just fashion. Some of you have followed me from the beginning, and you deserve to get something out of my posts. That is why I decided to do “Mom Hack Mondays.” I put together my tried and true top ten baby items I cannot live without for my first post, and I hope you enjoy it. I have obviously started this series a few days late, but I’ve been working on this post for quite some time. There are so many baby items out there nowadays, so it’s hard to narrow it down to just 10. Not only that, but to compare that one items to hundreds of others and really explain why chose what I did. I really hope this helps any fellow moms out there who either have littles ones, or are expecting. Thanks for stopping by!


1. BottlesDr Browns

When we first brought Cruze home he was nursed and bottle fed. Because he was premature, his acid reflux was a bit severe. Dr. Browns is hands down one of the best bottles for babies with reflux and gas, and the only brand I would recommend for mamas with premature babies. I wrote a whole post about them here, if you would like to learn more. I also named them top 12 Baby Items clear back in 2014 as well here; some things never change. 😉

2. BlanketsLittle Unicorn

Over the months I have collected a lot of blankets, but Little Unicorn has been the best by far. I love their adorable designs, and that they get softer with every wash. They also have a nice stretch, making them perfect for swaddling. Now that Cruze is a bit older and the weather isn’t as warm, I’ve been using their plush blankets, and they are incredibly soft.

3. Jumper/Activity CenterSkip Hop

I love this particular activity center because it grows with your baby, and becomes a sturdy table for cruising or even coloring. The seat material doesn’t stain and all of the surfaces wipe off easily. I personally love that you can rearrange the toys and position exactly the way you like. There is also a discovery window, so your baby cause see his/her feet and learn cause and effect.

4. Baby Swing4Moms Mamaroo

I did a review on the 4moms mamaroo here. It really has been such a lifesaver these past few months. It mimics the motions of the way a mother would rock her baby to sleep, and plays soft white noise. On days that my to-do list is five miles long (lets face it, that’s every day), this swing has helped me feel at ease.



5. Baby Bouncer- Nuna Leaf or Baby Bjorn

One of the items I get the most questions on is bouncers. Bouncers are a big deal for us, because with three kids I like to make sure he is safe at all times. I can’t just leave him on the floor while I clean in hopes that he won’t grab something and choke, or get stepped on by one of his (very) busy brothers etc. I also needed something he could also actually stand being in for more than 5 minutes while I did dishes or answered emails. I keep one bouncer in the kitchen which is where I spend a lot of my time, and in the living room. I love this Nuna leaf  curv because you just push it once and it continually glides back and forth. I’m actually not even sure I should call it a bouncer, because it doesn’t bounce; it glides. It grows with your child and can be used as a toddler chair for reading. In fact Beckham (5) can fit in it, and likes to read his school books while gliding back and forth. I did a full review on it here if you would like to read more.

I would also highly recommend this Baby Bjorn bouncer.  Cruze gets so excited when I put him in, and kicks his legs to send him bouncing. All it takes is just a little movement for him to start moving, and it’s hilarious to see how excited he gets about it.

6. Baby CareFridaBaby

Holy crap you guys, I could go on and on about this stuff. The NoseFrida is my best friend this time of year. Cruze gets so stuffy at night, and in the morning I have to get all of the gunk out of his nose. The NoseFrida is so easy to use, and works like magic. It honestly puts the bulb syringe to shame, and is hands down one of the best baby items I’ve received.  I would also recommend the Windi if your baby is gassy. Lets face it, all babies are. I’ve used it on Cruze on nights he is really fussy, and it’s worked wonders.

7. BathSummer Infant, Tubby Tod Bath

I love this summer Infant baby bather because its simple, fold up nicely, and keeps Cruze upright and happy. I bought a super fancy schmancy bathtub before he was born, and he absolutely HATED it. Not only that, I felt like it was really unsafe. Sometimes you just have to stick to the basics, and this super inexpensive bather was the way to go. I just put him in the bath, and he kicks his little feet in pure delight.

I use Tubby Todd shampoo, and rub him down with lotion once he’s clean and dried off. I love their products because they are organic, smell delightful with plant based fragrances, and are free of toxin, parabens, sulfates, preservatives, and BPA.

8. Best Strollers

Single- Nuna Mixx2 – I personally love this stroller because it’s so lightweight and EASY. It folds up with one hand, the ride is smooth, and it’s design is sleek and functional. I have tried a lot of strollers, but this one is the best for travel as well. We actually ended up brining it with us to Utah for that reason. Read my full review on it here.

Double- Silvercross Wave– For years I used the Baby Jogger City Select, I’ve actually done quite a few blog posts on it. Honestly I can’t complain about that stroller, because it really is an awesome double (you can read more about it here) but that was until I tried the Silvercross Wave.  Yes, I feel terribly guilty for abandoning my BabyJogger roots, but I wouldn’t be a true friend if I did share this incredible stroller with you! Yes, it’s a pretty penny. Is it worth it? Absolutely. It’s like the Rolls Royce of strollers. The ride is incredibly smooth, the designs with its leather handlebar detailing and sleek design make it stand out in elegance. I also love that it comes with so many options including 16 configurations with bassinet and car seat. Best part? The set comes with the main seat and bassinet both equipped with a “hood and apron” to cover your little one with warmth and comfort. It really is the best stroller I’ve seen on the market, and I’m not even exaggerating. Oh, and the storage space is pretty unbeatable. In fact I’ve taken it grocery shopping, and Cayman has climbed in it for a ride a few times.

9. Car SeatNuna Pipa

This carseat was recommended to me by a friend, and after reading the reviews; I knew I had to have it for Cruze. I think every mom has her “thing.” Some moms are sticklers on schedules, or what their kids eat etc. Although we all strive to be a well rounded mom, there seems to always be one thing we are the most adamant about when it comes to parenting. Mine is definitely SAFETY!!! Some nights I honestly can’t sleep because I am so overly worried that something terrible will happen to one of my babies, and I won’t be able to protect them. So, when it comes to carseat safety, I’m a stickler. That is why I took the time to find the best one, and the one I thought would be the safest for our little guy. It weighs in at just under 8 lbs, and has a super sleek stylish design. I love that it also has a “dream drape” that folds out of the canopy, to keep our little man shaded or out of the rain.


10. Diaper BagFreshly Picked

If you follow me on instagram stories, then you might have noticed my diaper bag review where I compared the Fawn Design Diaper bag to the Freshly Picked. While I clearly wear both all the time, I wanted to share them both with you, and what I love or don’t love about both. It all came down to the fact that I truly love that there is a top handle on the Freshly Picked bag, making it much easier to pick up and move around. I also love that the pockets in the inside have an elastic band to help hold things in. My biggest complaint with the Fawn Design bag, is that sometimes my diapers would fall out of the pockets. All in all though, you really can’t go wrong with either. They are both fantastic bags, stain proof, functional, lots of pockets/storage space, and they both convert to a cross body.

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