Mom Hack Mondays- Best Baby Feeding Items

These past few weeks have been really rough. We have been really concerned with Cruze’s weight gain, and been spending a lot of time at the doctors office trying to get things figured out. In September he was in the 80th percentile, and at his appointment two weeks ago he was down to 8-9th percentile. We’ve been keeping an eye on it for a while now, and he has steadily been declining on his growth chart. Of course as a mom I’ve been freaking out, researching everything I can to get him to start gaining weight. I took milk increasing supplements to try and get my milk supply up, increased fatty foods (long story, but it caused me to have gallbladder attacks from the high fat content. NOT fun!) We tried about 100 times to get him to take a bottle, but he refused every.single.time. The odd part is that he came home from the NICU taking a bottle and breast, but started refusing them a couple months ago.

After weeks of weight checks, his pediatrician seemed baffled as to why he was not gaining weight like he was. His urine sample was normal, and he was clearly very hydrated. Finally she decided it must be something we are not seeing, and that he might have a metabolic issue. After blood work, everything seemed to look normal. Although we are still waiting on the results from his stool sample, so I will be sure to let you know the results when I hear back. As I’m sure you can imagine, my mind mind has been on all things pertaining to the Best Baby Feeding Items in order to help him put on some pounds. We’ve increased his solids foods to three times a day and he seems to love it! Peaches and apple baby foods seem to be his favorites so far. We had a weight check on Friday that showed he was up to the 11th%, so Im hoping and praying that will continue.

Because i’ve been thinking a lot about the best baby feeding items, I thought my Mom Hack Monday should be exactly that! I’m sharing my must have baby feeding items I think you all will love too. I hope any of you new mamas out there will find this useful. Please be sure to leave any questions, suggestions, or tips you might have. Im all ears!


    1. Lacation Favorites– I’ve been taking supplements to keep my milk supply up. Here are a few I thought actually helped.I honestly felt that putting the brewers yeast in my morning protein pancakes helped A TON, and these lacation cookies were super yummy and seemed to work as well.
    2. Nursing– Because we’re not sure why Cruze isn’t gaining weight, I’ve had to start pumping in between feeds to make sure he’s getting enough. I’ve used this hands free pump since Beckham was a baby, and it is seriously amazing! It actually broke a couple years ago, and I loved it so much I bought the exact one again. I love that its small and clips right on to a belt buckle so you can pump while being completely hands free. When Beckham was in the NICU, I would put a nursing cover on and pump while in the car on the way to the NICU. Winning! It’s just as powerful as the medical grade pumps i’ve used in the past, and a fraction of the size (and price). 
    3. Bottles and Cleaning– We are slowly able to get Cruze to take one bottle of pumped breast milk a day (thank heavens). Let me tell you, trying to get him back on a bottle was TOUGH work! We tried 15 different bottles, and ultimately realized DrBrowns was the only one he would somewhat take. Go figure. I did a full blog post about our love for these bottles here.
    4. Baby Food and Utensils– Now that I’ve been in baby feeding mode, I could go on and on about all things baby food. Cruze doesn’t seem to like them too runny, but certainly not too thick. He likes Plum organics, but some of their flavors are pretty runny. HappyBaby organics was far too thick and chunky for him. Earths Best seems to have a good consistency, and the taste seems to be pretty good considering he scarfs it down. He also really seems to like Gerber Organics as well. Also, if you haven’t tried this Baby food feeder pacifier, you must try it! Its great as a teething toy if you want to place the baby food in it and freeze it, or just put fresh baby food in and let him/her suck away. No mess, totally safe, and did I mention no mess? Theres a small hole at the tip, so when they suck a little of the baby food comes out. He’s only used a couple times because I normally feed him myself, but if he seems really busy I hand it to him and he goes to town. I’d highly recommend it!
    5. High Chair- The high chair we use is the 4moms, and so far we really like it. The design is sleek and durable, it cleans extremely easy, and was really easy to assemble. I love that the tray is magnetic, so the bowl stays on the tray and doesn’t easily tip over if he kicks or grabs at it. The magnetics also guide the tray into position so you don’t have to use two hands to remove it or put it back on. I will write a more in depth review once we’ve used it a bit longer, but so far it’s been awesome. 🙂

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