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Baby Items every Mom should know about!

Todays Mom Hack Monday is something I did not initially plan to talk about, but considering it’s something I think every new mama should know about- I thought it would be appropriate. When it comes to baby products, I don’t think it’s any surprise as to what brand I use most. Dr Browns has been one of our favorites since my oldest was a baby. Their bottles are hands down the best for babies with reflux or gas, and if you don’t believe me; just check out this blog post from back in 2015. Yeah, it’s always been our favorite. With it being winter, Cruze’s poor little nose and face have been getting extra red and dry. Every morning he wakes up super stuffy, so I’ve had to suction out his nose. That being said, it gets really red and irritated. I like to use Dr Browns nose and face wipes, because it dissolves mucus and moisturizes his sore stuffy nose. We also love their pacifier and bottle wipes, because now that Cruze is back to taking a binky; it ends up on the floor far too often. It’s great for when we’re on the go too, because having something with me to clean his toys if they fall is such a comfort. Plus, who really wants to take a baby into a public bathroom? Speaking of him taking a pacifier again, he has really taken to his lovey. We love it, because having a pacifier attached to a stuffed animal makes it so much easier to find!

The Best Bottle for Premature Babies

Lastly, I could go on and on about their bottles. They are hands down my favorite DrBrowns product. I have obviously talked about them quite a bit on my blog (see here ), but they are just so awesome! All of my boys have had pretty severe gas and reflux due to their prematurity, and these bottles seem to be the only ones that effectively help with that. We have tried A LOT! I followed countless recommendations for other brands when we were trying to get Cruze to take a bottle again, but none seemed to work as well as DrBrowns. Im happy to report he is finally back on a bottle a day of my breast milk, and these are the only bottles he’ll take. Go figure.

If you are a new mom, or even just looking for something different for your baby, I could not recommend DrBrowns enough. Having a brand you trust and can rely on for your little one is so important as a new mom, and I’m so happy we discovered DrBrowns 6 years ago.


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