Wide Leg Crop Jeans

I love dressing casual while still looking on trend and comfortable. These wide leg crop jeans add a bit of “flare” to any outfit. Get it? Haha They are super comfortable, and I love that they are high waisted. After two c-sections, these jeans are a moms best friend! I paired them with a simple stripe tee in a pretty fall color, with a marigold neck scarf to tie it all in. It’s been in the 80’s here in NJ, so outfits like this satisfy my crave for fall without looking ridiculous in layers and sweating like a crazy person. Although don’t hold me to that. If it doesn’t cool down in a couple weeks, you better believe ill still be wearing my scarves and boots! It’s my favorite season okay? Don’t judge me! I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful season!


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