Nuna Leaf review with PeuroBaby

I must say, this third baby thing has thrown me for a loop. I have never been so happy, so tired, and such a space case in my life! At least not all at the same time. I am literally always on the go, so my brain (and my feet) never stop. There are always at least 5 things I need to get done all at the same time, and surprisingly I’ve been able to somewhat keep it all together. This Nuna Curv Leaf Bouncer from PeuroBaby has been a life saver when I’m at home and need to get a few things done. Cruze absolutely loves being held, and this is about that only thing that will calm him down lately when I can’t hold him. He used to love his baby swing but seems to have boycotted that these past couple weeks, and his bouncer doesn’t move on its own; so I have to continually bounce him with my feet. The Nuna Curv just needs one gentle to push start the motion swinging him back and forth, and it’ll go for a while before it stops. It usually gives him just enough rocking to put him right to sleep, which keeps me a little more sane. It also has the option of adding the Nuna Leaf Wind , which will keep the bouncer moving back and forth all on its own. What I love most about this swing is that it grows with your baby and can support up to 130 pounds! My older boys like to sit in it sometimes to watch their favorite show, or read books. The sleek modern designs make it easy to keep in our living room, and we always get compliments on it when we have friends over. .

I love shopping at PueroBaby because they only sell high quality, safe, and natural European and European inspired baby essentials. They don’t sell items made with nasty chemicals and plastics that can be harmful to your little ones, and that is super important to me. If I’m being completely honest, I wish I would have known about this site before Cruze was born, simply because I would have avoided a lot of time searching for the perfect baby items. Don’t make the same mistake I did. This site is perfect for new moms looking for great quality items, made with natural materials.

Happy Tuesday everyone! XOXO

Cruze’s Outfit-
Gray Sweater | Ivory Jogger Sweats | Gray Oxfords: c/o Piper Finn

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