My little Secret- Maskcara Beauty Artist

I have been keeping a secret! Well, take that back. If you follow me on insta stories, then you might have noticed me talking about this new makeup i’ve been using. If you are unfamiliar, I’ve been using Maskcara beauty products and am excited to be one of the newest makeup artists. Firstly, I want you all to know that it is indeed a multi level marketing company. Here’s the thing, I signed up for another MLM about a year ago. Obviously I never ended up going through with it, because I wasn’t sure I loved the product enough to really push it. Well, you guys; these products are amazing! I honestly would not have gone through with it if I didn’t feel it would worth your time, or that you wouldn’t absolutely love these products. I can do my full face of makeup in under FIVE MINUTES! FIVE MINUTES! The best part is that everything is all in one little compact. I can bring it and a brush with me when I’m picking up my kids from school, and do my full face (contour and all) while I’m waiting in the pickup line. The makeup lasts all day, and gives my face beautiful and effortless dimension it so desperately needs.













With one compact I’m able to have my highlight, contour, lip and cheek, eyeshadow, and finishing powder. This before and after was taken only five minutes after doing my full face of makeup. Notice how much cheeks are enhanced, my chin is defined, my nose looks more pinched, and my face now has dimension.

When sharing these products with friends, the one response I seem to get the most is, “will I be able to do this myself?” To anyone who is not familiar with contouring, it may seem a little scary. I assure you, anyone can do this! It is so easy, and will leave your face looking refreshed and most importantly with dimension. I can’t believe how much of a difference one little compact can make. If you are looking for really good makeup that can be done quickly and beautifully, this is for you! Once you try it, I can almost guarantee you will love it and want to order it again and again.

I’m also looking to grow my team. If you are interested in becoming an artist, I would love to help you get started and answer any questions you have. Please email me if you have any questions.

Here are the products I used here, if you are light-medium skin tone these might be perfect for you as well.

Highlight- Aura
Contour- Olive
Lip/Cheek- Desert Sunset
Illuminator- Pearl
Vanilla Dust setting powder

For blending: IIID Perfecter Sponge

Makeup Brush: 30 second Hac Brush

for my nose contour- The Multitasker Brush

You can go HERE to order, but please email me if you would like suggestions or need to be color matched. If you are interested in becoming an artist, id love to have you on my team!


If you would like to be color matched, or have any questions please email me at or leave me a comment below.




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