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You would think after two kids, Id have this whole parenting thing down packed. Well, because there is a five year gap between Beckham and Cruze, that was simply not the case. I feel like I’m experiencing things for the first time, and trying to learn it all over again. I forgot how incredibly tired you are, and juggling three kids on a busy schedule is pretty exhausting. A few weeks ago we learned that Cruze has a tongue and lip tie, which actually explained a lot. I’ve had to nurse him, and give him pumped breast milk afterward to make sure he is getting enough due to his improper latch. Apparently NJ has some different views and protocols on fixing tongue ties, because it has taken forever for them to get it done. He has seen his pediatrician, an ENT specialist, and two dentists now for it. We FINALLY have an appointment coming up early next week to get it clipped. Meanwhile, we have been on survival mode over here. Thank goodness for DrBrowns bottles, and their incredible venting systems. I have used these bottles for all three of my babies, and they are the only bottle I will use. The venting system helps reduce air bubbles, gas, and colic in babies. That’s huge for us because as a mom of three preemies, they all had/have pretty severe reflux. These bottles are the only one I’ve found that seem to help with that. Happy baby equals happy mom!

I use the Gia Nursing pillow when I’m breastfeeding or simply feeding him a bottle. It has an angled design that positions him at an incline, which helps with digestion and prevents reflex. Cruze has had pretty bad reflex especially lately, so this has actually helped a lot with that. By far the best nursing pillow I’ve tried.

 I love the Dr Browns Deluxe bottle sterilizer because it holds a ton of bottles, and leaves them squeaky clean so I can worry a little less. It also has a compartment at the top for nipples and pacifiers which is perfect for when I’m on the go.

Thanks to DrBrowns and their innovative baby products, we’ve been able to make it through these past few weeks with minimal tears. If you are a fellow mom going through the same thing, or just want a recommendation for baby products that will help increase optimal nutrition, this is the brand for you. They are hands down the best on the market in my honest opinion.


If any of you have any questions, just message me below and I’ll try and get back to you ASAP.



Thank you DrBrowns for sponsoring todays post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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