Color Blocking Trend

How to Incorporate the 70’s Trend into your everyday wardrobe

There are so many fun fall/winter trends this year, and while some I’m not quite sure I can pull them all off; I’m honestly loving most of them. From red sock booties, the color marigold, embellished denim, flared cropped jeans, and velvet. There are so many options this year that will be sure to spice up your wardrobe. One trend i’ve loved seeing make its way back is color blocking, or the 70’s vibes. I love this colorblocked sweater. I can just see Jackie Burkhart on That 70’s show rocking this outfit, or a mini Michael Kelso wearing this colorblocked vest!

I found these darling sable loafers a few months ago and had to have them. They have proven to be some of my favorite shoes, and look darling with all of my fall clothes. Definitely worth the money in my honest opinion, and they come in several other colors including this darling rose gold.

What are some of your favorite fall trends, and what trends will you absolutely NOT wear? Leave me a comment below.



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