The new Freshly Picked Diaper Bag

Now that I’m a mommy of three, wait did I just say THREE? Yes, I said three. Holy cow, I have three kids now! This is insane. Haha Anyway, now that I’m a mom of three beautiful children, a good diaper bag is essential. Yes, I still use a diaper bag for my older boys even though they aren’t in diapers. I need something with lots of storage and extra pockets, because heaven knows kids (especially boys) require a lot. Bandaids, wipes for messy hands (and face, and pretty much everything), Hand sanitizer, change of clothes, etc. Now throw a baby in the mix with bottles and diapers, and my bag is getting pretty full! That is why I instantly fell in love with the new Freshly Picked diaper bag! You guys, it is SO good. Im not joking when I say its the mother of all diaper bags. It has tons of pockets, sturdy and stain free material, and it can be a backpack or used as a cross body or shoulder strap. The best part is that it has a handle at the top so I can grab it easily when I need to find something inside. That was the biggest downfall of one of my favorite bags, I always wished it had a handle at the top. The Freshly Picked diaper bag seems to have it all, and they really listened to us moms when it came to designing it. They took what we found was most important in a diaper bag, and also made the design sleek and gorgeous. I love the gold hardware, tassel detail, and the structured design. All in all, this will most definitely not be the last time you see this bag (you can hold me to it).  You can pre order yours here, or head over to their Kickstarter page to read all about the bag as well as the two other colors it will come in. You will die!


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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