Maternity Must Haves

I will be 34 weeks pregnant this week, and it is surreal. Im now to the point where I cannot even wear shoes that lace up or buckle, and if I do my husband has to tie them for me. I can no longer see my toes, and am constantly running into things with my giant belly because I am so unaware of how much bigger my body is now. I have never gotten this far in pregnancy, so all of these things are new to me. There are some women who absolutely glow their entire pregnancy, they love being pregnant (and usually only show in the belly.) Haha I am NOT one of them! You guys I just have to say, pictures are deceiving. If I turn to the side my belly is MASSIVE and my butt has gotten a bit bigger along with it. Haha There’s a reason I haven’t posted side shots. (insert embarrassed emoji here) I promise before this babe is born ill show you a good side shot, until then Im still working up the courage. Haha Don’t judge okay! Anyway, it’s totally worth it, and to be honest I am insanely proud of this body of mine and especially my growing belly. A woman’s body is a beautiful thing, and I am so thankful I’m able to experience all of the ins and outs of pregnancy. Now that I’m to the uncomfortable stage, I can finally say what has helped make me a little more comfortable and helped to get me this far. I’ve compiled a few of my favorites in the collage below, just click on the + signs to take you directly to the product. I’ve also gone through and explained why each one is a maternity necessity. I hope you enjoy, and that this helps any of you expecting mamas. Thanks for stopping by, XOXO!!!

Casual Maternity Dresses– Especially being pregnant in the summer, casual dresses have been my go-to. I try to find dresses that hug up top, and allow some room at the bottom for my belly. Pair with some cute slip on sneakers, and you’re all set!

Slip on shoes  Like I mentioned before, being pregnant makes it really hard to put on shoes (especially if they lace up or buckle). So, slippers and slip on sneakers have been my best friend. Just slide them on for easy comfy and no hassle. I especially love this pair I’ve worn here

Maternity Spanks– I don’t know about most people, but my butt and thighs have needed a little help this pregnancy. Especially being on bedrest. I wear spanks under dresses to just hold everything together, and because it also offers a ton of support for my belly.

Pregnancy Pillow– Okay, I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without one of these. I seriously get giddy crawling into bed, because the second I lay down and wrap my legs around it; I get instant relief. A pregnancy must have in my opinion.

Stylish Maternity Tops– It is rare that I get dolled up these days. A bit hard when you’re supposed to be on bedrest as much as possible. When I do get out though, I want to look stylish and still maintain comfort. Comfort is key for me, otherwise I am completely miserable. A good maternity top paired with some stretchy denim are my go to for date night.

Maternity Swimsuits– I think it goes without saying, if you’re having a summer baby, maternity swimsuits are a must. I’ve found the best options HERE.

Robes- Gimme all the robes! I would wear these every single day if I could. Comfy, easy, and great for lounging around the house in my slippers.

Acne Creams- One thing that comes along with all of these extra hormones, is extra acne. I’ve been lucky not to get it on my face this time around, but my back and shoulders have suffered. I use this pregnancy safe acne cream and it has worked wonders!

Belly Cream- I’m a firm believer that stretch marks are more genetic than anything else. Some people just have skin that resists stretch marks a bit better. It’s always nice to take some precaution though, so I’ve been using this cream. I love it, and so far so good (won’t be surprised if that changes though)!

Bella Band This belly band is perfect for wearing my non-maternity jeans. Lets be honest, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to do that. BUT when I could fit into them, id wear this and leave the zipper open underneath so my belly could breathe a bit!

Blanqi Maternity Leggings I could go on and on about this certain pair of maternity leggings. I got them when I hit my second trimester, and did a little happy dance. They offer belly support and go all the way up to my chest (which I personally love). I mean who wants maternity leggings that only meet half way up and show a line through your tee? Not cool! NOT cool! This pair is a must!

Blanqi Maternity Tank Again, I could go on and on. In the spring I would wear this tank and the leggings with a cardigan. It was like floating on clouds all day, and I could sleep in them if I wanted to. Not only that, but sometimes id wear the tank under tees for extra belly support and it was long enough that I could unzip my denim under the top and have total comfort.

Comfy Maternity Tees Comfy tees are a no brainer to me when you’re in a rush and need to throw something on. These were super soft and I’ve worn them multiple times.

Maternity Jeans Again, a no brainer. I personally like maternity jeans that go up higher. Simply because I find them more comfortable, and don’t like people seeing the visible stretch elastic at the base of my jeans. I also like that I could fold the band over and tuck my shirt into it if I want. I have found the cutest and more adorable maternity jeans HERE and HERE.

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