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Well hello there! It’s been a while, but the good news is that YES I am still pregnant, and YES I am still on bedrest. You think with all of the lounging time i’ve had, id be able to do more blog posts. Well, I guess that is not the case for me. I mean, when you’re lounging around in sweats and no makeup all day, it doesn’t exactly give you much motivation to write about fashion. So, i’ve decided since my mind is on all things baby lately, ill share with you some of my must have baby items. These are the items I have decided to get first, because they are the most expensive or just a must have in my opinion. Maybe any of you expecting moms out there will appreciate this as much as I would.

 It has now been almost 5 years since I’ve purchased any baby items, and wow have things changed! Everything is so techy and all organic. It makes buying things for the baby so much more fun, but also a little more stressful. I’ve asked all my close friends what their favorites are, and have read at least 500 reviews, and these seem to be my favorites so far. I’ll go through and list why, and give recommendations of other options as well.

1. Strollers – For me a stroller was first on my list. Strollers seem to be one of the most expensive items you’ll purchase for the baby, so I decided to get that out of the way first. For me already having two kids, and one on the way- I need a double stroller. I’ve owned the Baby Jogger City Select for about 4 years now, and still love it. Its an amazing single stroller, and also converts to a double. I love how versatile it is, and that you can face the kids so many different ways. Plus, it rides like a dream and has tons of storage space. The downside? I absolutely hate how big it folds down. The good news is that there is now a brand new version: The City Select Lux. It folds down 30% smaller, has a new sleek design and better fabric, and a new breaking system. I’ve also done a lot of research on the Silver Cross Wave double stroller. The reviews are similar to the City Select double, so if you’re looking for another option; you might want to try this.

If you’re looking for a single stroller, I’ve had my eye on this Stokke Xplory stroller for a while now. Not only is the design classy and sleek, but the reviews are pretty amazing too. It has multiple parent and forward facing seat positions, plus raises your baby higher for increased eye contact and connection. 

2. Diaper Bag – For me choosing a diaper bag was a no brainer. Time and time again i’ve heard that Fawn Design is the best of the best. Its virtually child proof, doesn’t stain, has tons of compartment space, and the design is pretty darn cute. I just got mine in the mail last week, and already can’t wait to use it!

3. Swaddles – Im all about organic muslin swaddles, and there are so many options available these days. I thought this print was too cute, and have heard great things about this brand. They are supposedly much softer that aden and anais swaddles.

4. Bassinet – Okay, i’ve done a lot of research on this, and I have two options I’d like to share. First is the Halo Bassinest swivel sleeper. This option is less pricey, and is super functional. I love that it has a 360-degree swivel and adjustable height, making it perfect for middle of the night feedings etc. Second is the Happiest Baby Snoo Sleeper. You guys, it sounds AMAZING!!! Only problem is that its a pretty penny. Depends how much you appreciate a good nights sleep, so for me it is well worth the price tag.  Listen up because this bad boy sounds too good to be true, and the reviews are pretty outstanding. When your baby starts to fuss, it softly sways your baby back to sleep and plays white noise. It also has a built in protective swaddle to keep your baby safe. It also has dual mesh walls for comfort and breathability. I mean, where was this when my boys were babies?

5. Baby Swings – There are a lot of great options out there, but I’ve heard way too many good things about the 4moms momaroo to ignore it. I actually bought one for my sister in law who just had her first baby, and she said her baby boy absolutely loves it. Instead of just swinging your baby back and forth, it mimics the way a mother would rock and cradle her baby- and I’m all about that!

6. Baby Monitors – When it comes to baby monitors, I wanted something that would not only allow me to keep an eye on my baby while he or she slept, but would also alert me if my baby stopped breathing. As a mom of two NICU babies- this is huge for me. The Angel Care Monitor is the perfect option for both.

7. Docking Station – I knew id want the DockATot even before we found out we were pregnant. Its perfect if you want to co-sleep some nights, but worry about the safety of your baby. The raised bumper is breathable and hypoallergenic, and the design makes it extra versatile. It’s perfect for lounge, play, rest, tummy, or cuddle time; and is super lightweight for easy travel.

8. Baby Seat – Sometimes I like to have something I can easily take with me anywhere, and let the baby sleep comfortably next to me.  I normally use a baby bouncer for this, but I don’t necessarily love having to bounce the baby with my foot while trying to multi task doing something else. This Nuna Leaf Curv seems like a great option that seems to do the work for you. With just once gentle push, it maintains motion for a good two minutes. Pretty cool if you ask me!

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