The Cloister at Sea Island Resort Review

Sea Island Resort the Cloister

Last month, I had the honor of staying at one of the top rated resorts in the US for a bloggers retreat. The Sea Island Resort in Georgia. I must say, it was such a fun experience I did not want to leave. I even called my husband and told him to bring the kids, I needed to stay few more days! Haha obviously that couldn’t happen with the boys school/his work, but I would have been down 100% if he said yes. Driving into the resort was absolutely beautiful. The majestic oak trees with moss ever so beautifully falling down, gave it such an elegant and romantic feel. I kept thinking to myself, “I need to take my husband here. My husband would love this place!” The architecture of the Cloister where we stayed, was absolutely grand and breathtaking. The staff was very helpful, and definitely showed us their “southern hospitality.” 

Sea Island Resort Review

Sea Island Resort

Sea Island Resort Review

Sea Island Resort Review

Id have to say the highlight of the trip was going on a private sunset cruise around the island, and catching the most beautiful views. We even saw a dolphin, and it was magical!

Sea Island Resort cruise

Sea Island boat cruise

Sea Island Georgia

The Cloister Sea Island review

The rooms at the Cloister were absolutely gorgeous and gigantic! I shared a room with two other girls, and we had plenty of room for the three of us. I think we could have fit another person even. The bathroom had plenty of mirrors so we could all get ready together, with tons of space for suitcases etc. Id say just the bathroom alone was probably a little less than half the size of my entire living room. Did I mention the balcony? It was pretty amazing too, and really flaunted the scenery of the island.

Sea Island Resort review

Sea Island Resort Review

Sea Island Resort Review

Sea Island Georgia photos

Best Resorts in Georgia

Sea Island Resort Review

5 star hotel in Georgia

Last but not least, we ate at the most divine 5 star restaurant our last night there- The Georgian room. They had a five course meal for us that was dangerously delicious. Id say my favorite though was the squash soup. It arrived in a small pumpkin, and the taste was pure heaven. I called it “fall in a bowl,” because the spices reminded me of a crisp fall day. I’m fairly certain I was the first one to eat my entire bowl of soup, because it was that scrumptious. I think I will forever crave that soup until I go back with my husband and kids. 

If any of you are trying to plan your next vacation, I would absolutely suggest this resort. It’s unlike any other resort i’ve stayed at, and hidden from the chaos of large cities. I promise, you will not be disappointed. 

Hope you all have a fabulous week. 

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