#Hot2Adopt with Freshstep

Today I am partnering with Fresh Step and sharing something very important to me, and dear to my heart. Every year millions of cats enter shelters, and less than half get adopted. Growing up, we had two black cats that were the best of friends. The younger of the two (Kitty) is almost 17 years old now and still living with my family in Utah. He is so great with kids, and still remembers me every time I come to visit. I remember back in High School my friends making mean comments about hating cats, or being afraid of them because they were “Witches Black Cats.” It always made me feel sad and very protective of them. So, as you can imagine; the second I heard about this Hot to Adopt campaign from Fresh Step with Katie Cassidy as a partner, I knew I wanted to be apart of it. I want to help put an end to the crazy cat lady stigma, and share with you my love for these cute little felines. They all deserve a good home, with loving owners who will treat them well.

Fresh Step is calling all feline fashionistas (and gents) to step out wearing their love of cats in celebration of “Feline Fashion Fridays.” Cat owners can show their love of cats by following @FreshStep on Instagram and posting a picture of themselves using #freshstepcontest each Friday through October for a chance to win a free Fresh Step Litter, a $250 VISA gift card and the limited edition #hot2adopt T- shirt. [Official contest rules can be found here.]

I also encourage you to check out the FreshStep.com website where you can learn more about the project, watch a behind-the-scenes video, and purchase your Hot To Adopt T-shirt. Because adopting a cat is always on trend!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Fresh Step.

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